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Super Pro Steering Rack Bushings ( Part Number:SPP SPF1972K)

Super Pro Steering Rack Bushings - Subaru WRX/STi 2002-2004

Manufacturer Part # SPF1972K


MSRP: $26.59

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These are the Super Pro Steering Rack Bushings which have been designed to be a durable replacement for your OEM units to remove any excessive play or clunking within your steering rack. Super Pro uses specially blended polyurethane products has specific mechanical properties that resist abrasion that also has a high tear strength as well as a resistance to oils and solvents. These very properties lead to a resilient product that is highly versatile in its various applications.

Here the details:

  • Steering Rack & Pinion Mount Bushing
  • 30mm bracket width, passenger side
  • 2 Bushings
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Brand: Super Pro
Bushing Location: Steering Rack
Material: Polyurethane

Mfgr. Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Verified Purchase

Great bang for the buck!
b.obsidian 10 months ago
These are great bushings, especially for the price! My OEM bushing were pretty decent and I found a noticeable improvement in steering response with the Super Pro bushings. The install is pretty simple, I did have to drop the rack a bit to get the driver's side bracket out. I have a detailed write-up on my blog.


Steering rack bushings.
chris13a24her42750 2 years ago
Good purchase. A must buy for older subaru's.

Great for the money spent
esnbrgr29541 2 years ago
Huge improvement on my 03 wrx sedan. Install isnt bad, these fit perfect and im happy with my purchase. They complement well with new swaybars and links as white control.arm bushings, the front end feels very solid and reacts quicker.
Verified Purchase

Worth the money, but maybe not the headache
sjbryson9038863 3 years ago
Let me start by saying that the fit and quality of these is great, definitely stiffer than the stock bushings and the quality of the material is on the level of any other Whiteline equivalent. I didn't really have that much of an issue with the driver's side. I loosened the steering coupler and moved the rack about an 1/8th inch down to get a little more room for the bushing to come out, you just have to pry on the lines in creative directions to get the bracket off. It also helps to have both sides loose to get the bushings out and in. Where I did have an issue was with the passenger side. The bolts that go through the brackets are exposed on top. I guess this meant that one of my bolts had completely filled the threads with rust. This meant the bolt would turn out a bit, but then ended up welding itself to the weld-nut on the mount and breaking in half. I spent the next 18 hours drilling that bolt out and re-tapping the nut. After all of that, I do notice the steering is more responsive and less float in high-speed sweepers. However, when you look at the rack design, the rack only has about 2mm to move, as the brackets are molded into the rack, so the only real slop that could happen is in the lips of the bushings compressing. In the end I would do it again, but I would let everything soak in PB Blaster for a month first.
Verified Purchase

Huge improvement for a great price
laplacexformofs12794 4 years ago
I would recommend these to any turbo Subaru owner, but especially to individuals who have older models (at the very least, '02-04). First-off, I would not attempt the install these yourself unless you are either fairly experienced in car repairs or you are extremely patient. The driver's side bushing is fairly easy to get out, but a HUGE pain to install. A lot of grease and the loosening of the steering rack clamp to the steering wheel shaft (above the driver's side portion of the crossmember) is pretty much a must (mark it to get it close to back to the same place, but you WILL need an alignment afterwards either way). The passenger-side bushing takes literally 2 minutes after everything is removed, though. I have an '04 STi (this is my 4th Subaru, second turbo model), and yes, even the STi's are prone to the infamous Subaru sloppy steering. I noticed that my STi's steering was especially bad compared to some of the other ones I've driven. When I started removing the stock bushings, I quickly found out that the passenger side one was completely destroyed (see the picture I posted). It's hard to speak to the difference these will make on a car with good-condition stock bushings, but on my car in particular, it was remarkable! The steering wheel feels rock-solid, and even a miniscule movement of the wheel causes the car to react. The wheel also returns to straight after turns immediately upon letting go and does so much more solidly. The SuperPro bushings (at least to me) rate a little bit higher on hardness than any Whiteline product I've seen, but I haven't actually compared to their steering rack bushings in particular. Also, I did not see ANY increase in NVH with these bushings. I would strongly recommend these!

  • Q: Do these fit the 2005 Baja Turbo?  Harry Williams 4 years ago


    I just installed theses on my 2002 WRX Wagon and they are great! Do these fit on my 2005 Baja Turbo 5-Speed? I know other steering racks can be installed. Thanks!

    • A: Unfortunate we have not tried the fitment of any bushings on that vehicle, and SuperPro does not list that as a compatible fitment.

      Kirill C. 4 years ago
    • A: Subaru Baja was made in USA in a joint effort with Isuzu & never sold in Australia, while sharing many underpinnings with Legacy / Outback, there has not been any official test fitments done with there is currently no way to confirm or deny fitment.

      SuperPro 4 years ago
  • Q: Diffrences  Andrewbrwn0423149 6 years ago


    So whats the diffrence between these and the whiteline bushings? Other than the price of course

    • A: These bushings and the Whiteline bushings are both made from Polyurethane, but the manufacturers do not publish what the differences are.

      Zach G. 5 years ago