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Whiteline Vehicle Essentials Kit



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Essentials Kit for MY00 Subaru Impreza RS 3 years ago
5out of 5stars

This kit is literally custom tailored for the GM6 Subaru. It comes with everything you need to really tighten up your front steering. The only difficulty you should expect is removing the bushings from both of the control arms. I have a 20 ton press at home so it was nothing for me. The steering rack bushings were also a bit difficult but I got them installed. Overall, this kit is probably the most complete kit that's out there.
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Awesome products 3 years ago
5out of 5stars

This is my second anti-lift kit I have done on my Imprezas and they are such an awesome inexpensive upgrade to improve response and reduce understeer. This kit came with other stuff for so cheap i thought why not and honestly the results were better than expected. Before, my trans mount beams would shake continuously when off the car in a rubbery fashion, but after swapping the bushings out they are very firm and have little give. My car only had 100k on it too. The steering rack bushings were difficult to do, but made the steering feel much more direct and I think it is a little more feedback, hard to tell until I track it again. You can install them by pulling the u-joint from the steering column and remove the 10mm bolt on the passenger side of the steering rack that holds the pressure lines to the rack. After it drops out with the 4 main bolts it is enough clearance to do the job - no need to remove tie rods or anything. The control arm bushings are very well made and really easy to get in, taking the old ones out is the hard part :) Overall I am VERY happy to have tightened up the front end, and I am more confident when cornering hard enough to rip faces off. This is a huge improvement on the GC chassis cars.
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