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Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair



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Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair ( Part Number: HR5339)
Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair ( Part Number: HR5339)
Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair ( Part Number: HR5339)
I LIKE! 3 years ago
I had shuttering on my car when I was braking, pulled off calipers and it looks like they had a couple seized pistons. Went ahead with a full rebuild and paint, new pads, and these hawks all the way around. The quality was super nice! For a budget upgrade this is definitely worth the price front and rear. I spent about $275 on pads and front and rear rotors which is a great deal! Plus they look so damn pretty behind my wheels!
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Hawk Sector 27 Rotors 3 years ago
Great quality Rotors for the money. I didn't wanna post a review of them until I had them on my 02 WRX until I put some miles on the. (3000 to be exact) gets the job done. Paired them with the Stop Tech pads and both provide excellent braking ability over the worn OEM pad/rotor combination. No noises or anything funny. Thanks RSD for fast shipping to my doorstep. 3 day shipping. Excuse my worn painted callipers.
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Great price, great quality 4 years ago
I paired these with the Stop Tech street performance pads and the entire setup is quiet, smooth , and consistent
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03 WRX, so far so good. 4 years ago
I live near Knoxville TN and regularly drive on the Tail of the Dragon. I matched these rotors with Hawk HP + pads. It rains alot here too so my braking in the rain and on dry days is awesome thanks to this combo. Plus, these things look good behind my rims. Staying with this combo for my Bugeye.
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Work great. 1 year ago
They look great and work just as well. Very pleased with them.
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A yr later 9 months ago
So i have these on my 06 wrx and I like them so far but my front driver side is getting alot of that pits on half of the rotor and making a noise. So only had them for a yr and i have to get new rotors now, so I wouldn't waste money on these again
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Hawk Sector 27 Front rotors 3 years ago
I had these rotors on my 06 Wrx limited for about two months when one of the rotors developed a crack in them after a hard stop to avoid a deer. I figured i would give them a shot but definitely not worth the money. I would stick to Centric, or Stoptech slotted rotors.
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Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )
Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )
Hawk Sector 27 Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )