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DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Front Rotor Pair



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Beautiful and functional!! 12 months ago
I received these in a well packaged and timely manner. Out of the box, they look amazing. On the car, even better! Definitely an excellent upgrade from the stocks I had on before.
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DBA 4000 Series 1 year ago
Refined Power
Excellent love the way they look and feel.. Money well spent.
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Great Brakes 2 years ago
Bought these to match with my Stoptech pads. What a great combination! Probably more bite and braking power than I need on a daily driver, but the responsiveness is well worth it. These were a breeze to install and look great on the WRX.
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Nice set of rotors! 2 years ago
So far so good! it's holding up pretty well from spirited drivings. You get what you paid for, it's a nice set of rotors, after the break in process, it stops like a champ.
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fun braking? 2 years ago
I can only give these 50% of my new found joy of breaking to these rotors but 50% is 100% better than I had. The other 50% is for the new brake pads. I would say I feel 40-50% better braking and that is with stock calipers. I am shocked each time I hit the breaks now, who knew braking could be so fun. There is added noise to these but it's a good noise, reassuring noise that the brakes are working . Picture is with my stock winter wheels and tires
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2012 wrx daily 3 years ago
I love these. They look awesome and haven't seen any rust on them yet. Maybe it's from the extra carbon in the metal? Over kill? Maybe, but knowing that you can track the car and have good brakes to do it with is key.
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Love Em! 3 years ago
I'm pretty sure I got the last set of these rotors front and rear about a year ago. I have had them on for a month and a half. About 1000miles on the setup. Was so excited to order them. Got them in and installed them 6months later along with Hawk HPS pads and Goodridge SS brake lines. Such a dramatic change in stopping power and consistent stopping power. It's a noticable difference, on the small end, in time needed for the brakes to heat up. So far I have used them in cool weather 50-80degrees. I'll be excited to see how they handle in the hotter socal weather.
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WOW 4 years ago
These rotors look and perform amazingly love them. after install car feels to stop up to 2x harder than stock. only wish i had done the fluid and line upgrades at the same time so i could have got the full effect. GREAT UPGRADE!
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Worth the wait! 6 years ago
These rotors are fantastic! Couldn't be happier.
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Amazing! 6 years ago
These rotors look better then the old slotted but they do eat the pads faster. I've seen zero fad during autox and coupled with stoptech super street pads you can't go wrong.
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Excellent bang for the buck 6 years ago
After I got these rotors on my WRX, I wished I'd done it years ago. I installed a set of these DBA4000s front and rear along with some Axxis ULT pads, and the difference in brake feel is phenomenal. With this setup, the brakes have amazing initial bite and hold nice and tight; braking is much more aggressive and responsive, without sacrificing streetability. The whole brake package set me back around 400, and I consider it some of the best money spent on my car.
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Disappointed  4 years ago
I bought these thinking they were going to perform like I have heard. They wrapped on me in a few months of regular daily driving. DBA's response was to just turn them on a lathe to see if will fix the solution. After proper bedding and break in I would not expect this rotor to warp. My rotors from autozone are lasting longer than these did
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DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )
DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )
DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )
DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )
DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Front Rotor Pair (Part Number: )