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DBA 5000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Front



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DBA 5000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Front ( Part Number: 5654BLKS-10-G)
DBA 5000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Front ( Part Number: 5654BLKS-10-G)
Excellent 12 months ago
Got these on sale maybe a year back and they have taken the beating without any issues. Straight forward Installation assuming the caliper bolt doesn't snap off.. In which case apply some copper anti seize for the future. Pretty good value and visual appeal
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Looks to be top quality, untested at this point.  3 years ago
The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is how well these appear to be made. I couldn't find any type of imperfection with either of the rotors. Everything feels sturdy. The install was on my 06 STi which is exclusively a Summer car, so they have not yet been tested, but I wanted to get a photo posted up so you could see what they look like behind OEM rims wheels. I'm planning on on a set of HPS pads to run with these and will write an updated review once I have some time on them. These were about half price when I got them, so they are an excellent value for me especially because there aren't that many ways to reduce drive train weight, and this works out to be losing roughly 4-5 LBS of rotating unsprung weight - which is the best type to lose.
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Good product that lasts 5 years ago
If you track a big heavy car like a STI then brakes take a lot of abuse, the nice thing about these is beyond their performance they help keep your hub cool. Noticeably cooler than the DBA 4000's. They both last about the same and it does take a few sets of replacement disks for the 5000's to be cheaper but if you track your car they do eventually end up having cost savings as well.
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GARBAGE 4 years ago
Purchased these rotors awhile back and have had nothing but problems with them. I installed these rotors correctly according to the manuf. instructions, yet they still pulse when applied. I am more than certain it was not an installation error or lack of knowledge as I have performed brake jobs on vehicles from Audi S4s up to Audi R8s, couple GTRs, and a handful of Lambos to name a few. From what I understand, DBA is a bit of a pain to go through when i comes through warranty issues with their products so I know replacements wont issued.
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DBA 5000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Front (Part Number: )
DBA 5000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Front (Part Number: )