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Stoptech PosiQuiet Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Front

MODEL # STP 104.10010


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Great pads! 12 months ago
Great stock setup replacement. Why would you need anything else? Great price. Easy to install. Use your existing shims with these. These things are super quiet and make zero noise. Great stopping power. I will buy these again once they wear out. The rears came with new pins and cotter pins but the fronts didn't ??? Not sure why. Not a big deal I just reused the front pins.
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Stoptech Posiquiet brake pads for Evo X 1 year ago
These pads are awesome, alot of bite and they last forever, and you will probably never hear a squeal from them. This is my 2nd pair and even when i removed the old pads i was surprised to see how much pad was actually still on there i could have gone even longer but best to have new brake pads! Id like to say i have had the stoptech street pads before too and while they may bite harder, they did make alot of noise and eat my rotors, ill be running these pads for awhile very happy with them and not a sound.
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Awesome Buy 2 years ago
Bought these brakes for my 2005 STI, they've been on for about a week now and there awesome. They don't squeak and for a daily driver there perfect. They took me and my buddy about an hour from the time we jacked the car up to the time we drove it, super easy install. Highly recommend if you don't need a crazy brake pad.
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Gets the job done perfectly 3 years ago
Installed these about 2 weeks ago (first set on my '15 STi after replacing the OEM pads) and they worek just lioke OEM. Make sure you grease and re-use the OEM shims and you will not have any squeaking. Don't see the 4 stars on performance as a negative, for $30 you are getting pads that are as good as OEM but they certainly aren't a track application.
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Great value 3 years ago
These are great for daily driving , put about 500 miles on these and so far no complaints for these front pads.
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2012 STI 4 years ago
Bought those pads from local supply, Performs very well for street use, minimum dust, no noise. Big No No for Track , even for light Lapping - you will cook them in less then two laps. So im Using my OEM pads for Track Days.
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Service 5 years ago
This service department here is just awesome. These guys really know their stuff and an extended knowledge of various cars and their accessories. I will order from them again in the near future!
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stop tech 5 years ago
Bought this to try it out because of the many positive reviews I saw on Nasioc. Plus its cheap. But would I buy it again? No. The bite is not as strong as the EBC reds and yellow. It only performs alitle better that stock pads. However, it does seem to last as long as the stocks.
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Strong but... 5 years ago
Pads work great. I have no problem with dust or stopping power. I have a really nasty squeal but I believe it's from bad rotors. Will post more when I install the new rotors later on
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Quiet and Strong 6 years ago
I cant hear them and they bite pretty well. Good stuff.
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Nice and quiet... 6 years ago
Replaced unknown pads that didn't have shims which made them very noisy. These are nice and quiet. Can't say much else as I haven't pushed them hard. The rears come with new pins but the fronts didn't but you can reuse the existing pins.
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Nice Brakes 6 years ago
I put them on my 2008 STI. They are not as positive of a grab as the stock pads but much less brake dust. Work great as my daily driver. Will buy again.
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Great Pads  6 years ago
i have these pads for almost 3 weeks now when i installed the pads on my car, the weather here keep changing rain or shine will notice the difference on the braking and will recommend to anyone thank you very much rallysport
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Great pads! 7 years ago
I really must say I am impressed with these pads. They bite hard and the price is very good. Why buy expensive brake pads ?. I've tried ds2500 also but these are at least as good in my opinion. And the best of all is this pads has very little brake dust !!!.
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Nice! 7 years ago
These pads are great! I thought that my rotors needed resurfacing back when I had my old pads but after switching to these, there is no more noise! They perform very well and there is very little brake dust.
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Great Pads 7 years ago
I have had these pads on my 2006 sti for about 500 miles now and I can say that they are very nice pads. I have little to no brake dust, and they have a very good bite. When I need new brake pads in another 40k miles, I will be looking for these pads.
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Cant beat the performance for the price 4 years ago
The price is laughable. The performance is fine for the majority of daily driving where you're not driving like a hoonigan. $35? What more do you want for $35? Seriously.
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Click 4 years ago
Over all these pads are very low dust compared to the brembo brakes I originally had. Great bite when you need it and little to no squeak. The only reason I am giving this product a 4 and not 5 is because everytime I back out, the pads click. I have read on many threads that this is normal I have ran the pads for about 2 months now and braking is great only the small click. I would recommend if you are wanting a daily pad with low to no dust.
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Little Brake Dust 4 years ago
I bought these pads to replace the stock Brembo brake pads on my 2015 STI. While the stock pads provide good performance, the amount of brake dust it produces were a bit too much. Keeping the wheels, and practically the rest of car dust free, was challenging. I just have to wipe down the wheels and body of my car quite often. I mean, for a not-so track day equivalent performance, it dusts a tad too much. The Stoptech PosiQuiet brake pads definitely resolved the dust issue. It produces little brake dust. The stopping performance were good; similar, but I give a slight edge to the stock pads. It slows down/stops the car. But it's rather more progressive while the stock pad have a stronger initial bite (I hope that made sense). Overall, I'm happy with these pads as my daily driver. Little brake dust. Similar braking performance of that of the stock Brembo pads. And it keeps my wheels clean much longer; making cleaning much easier.
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good street pad 6 years ago
i installed these posiquiets as a daily pad to use instead of burning up my hawk HP+ that i use at the track. what i was looking for in a daily pad was: quiet, low dust, solid pedal, at least perform equally to oem brembo pads, and low rotor wear. these pads have lived up to these expectations as a daily pad. they don't have immense initial bite like a more track oriented pad, but what surprised me is that they still provide a very solid pedal. my feelings are that if you're used to oem brembo pad, these will perform just as well but with less dust. just remember to bed them in properly to get the most out of them! for a daily driven pad, and for the price, these are great :)
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Anything but quiet. 3 years ago
You get what you pay for with these brakes. They are anything but quiet. Suuuuper squeaky especially when its below 70 degrees outside. Will look into upgrading to better quality when the time arises.
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Loud 1 year ago
These are useless. They claim to be quiet however they are just as loud and squealy as the Stoptech autocross pads. Do not buy these if you value your ears.
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