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Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads

MODEL # HAW1 HB432F.661


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Great Pads 4 years ago
Great upgrade from stock pads. Very happy with these along with the PowerSlot slotted Rotors Well worth the money in my opinion.
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2008 WRX Hatchback 4 years ago
Way more stoping power! Worth every penny.
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Hawk HPS pads 4 years ago
I have ordered these pads twice for all 4 corners of my 2008 WRX hatchback and I am very pleased with them. No fade on track days and great response for spirited street use when paired with powerslot rotors. I would highly recommend them as an economical performance option.
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best street pads 4 years ago
these pads are great. got these after trying the stop techs and wish i had got these first. ive had them on 2 other cars and they are all i will buy. best street pads. quiet, good initial bite, great pedal feel and strong stopping power when u stand on them. buy them.
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Racing 5 years ago
Great pads. Low break dust and gripping is amazing. Used during 2013 Rallycross season.
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Brakes 5 years ago
Installed these on my 07 2.5i. Work great quiet and grip well
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hps brake pads 6 years ago
have used these pads for a while on my modified 2011 wrx, they are great street pads, no noise, and not too much dust. I do track days as well, and run them hard, they are great competition brake pads as well. Had thought about trying the HP plus, but I hear they are noisy and dust a lot, so even though I might get a little better stopping power on the track, I am staying with the HPS for a more balanced set of properties
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best bang for $ 6 years ago
extremely pleased with the difference in stopping power,confused however when i understood that they have minimal brake dust.... i supposed ive just been driving her harder then normal
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Just what I wanted 6 years ago
These are low dust, have nearly zero brake fade for daily driving, and bite hard. Used these in conjunction with DBA t-slotted rotors, Goodridge braided hoses, Super Blue fluid, and the 4-pot/2-pot caliper upgrade from the '06-'07 WRX... on my 2005 WRX. GREATLY improved is an understatement. Did all the work at once, so I can't definitively say how much the pads helped but I'd choose them again without question. These brakes have saved my ass at least five times in the last 2 months!
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Great for street and track 6 years ago
Sparky Plug
Changed from stock to these pads for my first track day. They perform much better than stock for sure. Worked very well at the track. If you are going to track them I would use little to none of the anti-squeal grease they come with. My brakes got so hot the grease liquified and burnt. It also got on the rotors, reducing the effectiveness of the brakes.
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Nice little firm pedal feel post install 7 years ago
Good upgrade, I would do SS lines and new fluid as an extra
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Great brake upgrade 7 years ago
These pads seem to bite quite a bit better than the stockers.
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awesome pads 7 years ago
much better than the junk i had on there. my wrx brakes feel great and has lots of stopping power with these pads,powerslots and steel braided lines.
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best pads 7 years ago
these are great pads. little dust. no noise and great for street and track. these with the dba 4000 rotors equals perfection for street and track applications.
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get them 7 years ago
maxx wrx
The car has better bite paired with stainless lines
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Much Better than OEM brakes! 7 years ago
No or very little dust with a much better bite than OEM brakes! Definitely worth it!
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Good For An Upgrade 7 years ago
They stop way better than OEM and almost no brake dust.
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Great break pads 7 years ago
Very good stoping power, and little break dust
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Very noisy 3 years ago
Installed these on my '11 WRX and they squeal louder than when I had worn pads.
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Great 4 years ago
For a streetpad they grip. Have only had them on with T slotted rotors and ss brake lines. Low brake dust
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04 wagon 4 years ago
while they do help a lot, great for general street use and help braking quite a bit. performed adequately for my mostly stock wrx wagon at the track, but since i'm going to go for more power they wont be sufficient. if you have more power you're better off going with better pads.
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Hps break pads  6 years ago
Put these on our 2010 Legacy...they do the job but make a bit of a wet break noise when letting off the peddle
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