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Hawk HPS Rear Brake Pads

MODEL # HAW1 HB180F.560


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Great product! 2 years ago
I'll post the same review as I did for the fronts: Much much...much nicer than the StopTech PosiQuiet or their Street Pads. When you really get these going they will give you some of the race car squeal...but that's under very very spirited driving conditions and heavy downhill breaking. NOTHING outside of the ordinary. They however never stopped performing as they should. These were great for hours of spirited driving through the mountains. Great pads. Thank you Hawk and RSD as always for the quick shipping and great customer service.
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worth every penny 4 years ago
I installed these hawk hps pads front and rear paired with DBA Street Series rotors. Make sure you imbed them correctly and they will work great! Low dust no noise at all perfect for street use. BTW this is my second set on my STi;)
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Good Choice 4 years ago
These pads were so much cheaper than what the dealership wanted for stock pads. Install is very easy on an STi took maybe 45 minutes including time to clean the calipers. Pads definitely stop better than the ones they replaced. No squeaking or noise from these pads. Just remember to bed them in properly. Going to get front pads to match soon.
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Best choice for Subaru STI 4 years ago
The Subaru dealer wanted $300 for the front pads and $280 for the rear pads! This quote was for the pads only, not the installed price! I was surprised they hit me with these numbers without wearing a mask and pointing a firearm. These pads cost less than HALF, never fade, & produce less dust. Are any of you Mitsubishi, Nissan, Infiniti guys about to get robbed by the dealer? You better shop here first!
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No Dust 5 years ago
They have been installed for almost a month now and I washed the wheels a month ago after I had these new pads installed and the wheels still look as clean as the day I washed them. Also they stop very smoothly.
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great product 6 years ago
Curly Harnett
recieved these very quickly from rsd and install was very easy. no sound or dust so far and much better pedal feel
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Awesome!!! 6 years ago
I have no idea what kind of pads I had before but they were crazy dusty. I haven't washed my car since I bought these and I still have no brake dust. And stopping is great. I used the grease that came with it. These were cheaper and better than OEM.
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Nice 6 years ago
I got these form my '06 STI and they were the right brakes & work like a charm. I will buy these from RallySportDirect again!!!
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2009 sti 6 years ago
i drive 20000miles a year and demand the best quality parts in my car and the only place i get the expert knowledge and best prices for my car is rallysports i have spent thousands of dollars with this company and will continue to do so simply put the best parts at the best prices with the best knowledge thanks rally sports
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Front Brake Pads 7 years ago
Great replacement...great product and very easy to install.
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Great Product 8 years ago
This is a great pad to have. It is an easy fit and works incredible. Is a very smooth and quiet pad with a good amount of stopping power. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for something a little better than stock pads.
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hawk hps review 07 sti 8 years ago
i have had these installed for about two weeks ago they are awesome ive done some prity quick stops from fast speeds and haven't gotten brake fade yet they are amazing and they are really worth the money on really cold days you can feel that they have to warm up a lil when u first start driving but after that they are mint will see how they stand up this weekend at the auto x
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 9 years ago
got front and back pads today! fast shipping ! tested them earlier nice bite n stopping power i really needed them ASAP
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