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Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads



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Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads ( Part Number: FRP3067H)
Ferodo DS2500  2 years ago
I put these on a 2013 sti hatch. Great stopping power and very close to stock feel. Squeal a little at low speeds. Happy with purchase.
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Worth every dollar 4 years ago
I installed them just before a Time Attack event (21 corners track with 2 main straights and total distance per lap 3 miles x 20 laps), did the bedding in during the practice, then they worked like magic, stopping distance is impressive, doesnt fade easily and most of all not noisy, even if they are, it worth the performance.
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Just Great 4 years ago
These replaced the stock pads on my 07 STI, I'm using the stock rotors. Pads have very good initial bite, just as good as the stockers when cold (good for DD) but much better as you get some heat into them. Used them at the track last weekend and were more resistant to fade than the stock pads. The pads maintained their bite even as the fluid got hot and pedal travel increased a bit. I strangely have no noise even though I expected some, being a more aggressive compound then stock. I used NO brake grease at all on the back of the pads and even on the prescribed locations where the pads rest against the calipers. Just reused the factory shims. My stock pads as a comparison used to be noisy and then they quieted down after a track day. There was less dust on the wheels compared to stock pads after a track day. Not sure whether that's also true for daily driving, have not had them long enough to comment. I'm very happy with these pads as for mostly DD + occasional HPDE. Just the right balance and compromises.
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As said by other, very good dual purpose pad, noise is fixable 5 years ago
I bought these pads because I don't go to the track often enough to be swapping to dedicated track pad/rotors. These came recommended by several sources I trust. Overall I am very happy, better initial bite than stock pads. Less dust than stock pads. Can handle heat much better than stock pads. The downside is the noise that many people complain about, but I personally believe that this is a fixable issue. First you must you use a moly brake grease, but not on the backs of the pads (you can put some there if you want, but it's not needed). You need to grease the ends of the backing plate. It is one of the areas shown in the factory manual. Also there is another brake site online that has great photos of this, but since they are a seller I don't want list them here. Once that is done you MUST brake them in properly. I did a few hard stops and let cool in between after install and that does little to cure the noise problem. What you need to do is get them HOT. Follow Ferodo's recommendation if you can You can get the fronts quiet easier than the rears. Once I did a track day the noise was 99% gone. It's really just hard to get the rears hot enough to make the noise go away. If you can't get to a track I recommend a steep road you can go up and down on. Get up to speed at the top and brake hard almost to stop then cruise down to cool and cool on the way up again, 5-15 times and you should be set. Try not to let the ABS kick in. This now my go to pad setup.
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Excellent dual purpose pad 5 years ago
Installed these for regular daily driving as well as auto-x and HPDE. They only squeak when going in reverse and I haven't had any sort of noise or juddering from the pads. I re-used the old shims and didn't bother to grease anything up and they're working just fine. Initial bite is much better than Girodisc Magic Pads and they seem to dust a little less as well. Also flushed the brake lines a few days after installation with fresh ATE Superblue (My last bottle :() and, with a firmer pedal, the increase in braking is even more noticeable.
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2005 STI - works great 6 years ago
I bought both front and back brake pads. both work great for me. I used a lot of the brake Grease. no squeaking . great stopping power straight from starting the car
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great pads 6 years ago
stops great on my 04 sti&less dust.
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Quiet, as good as OEM Brembo's on Evo8 6 years ago
For spirited street driving, so far, just as good as the OEM Brembo's on my Evo 8. I won't know for sure until the next track day about brake fade, so the jury is still out on track usage. Quiet, and produces less dust than OEM. And much more consistent feel than the Works Blue pads i had before.
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More stop, less dust...  6 years ago
These are great pads for 'spirited driving' and VERY light track use. I should have got the DS3000s as at the end of my 2nd track day I felt some mushiness under heaving braking. I was attempting to avoid squeaking & dust as much as possible and these pads certainly were better than OEM. Highly recommend as long as your not tracking the car heavily...
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Great OEM replacement pads 7 years ago
As has already been mentioned in other reviews, these are great oem replacement pads. Much better initial bite and overall braking performance versus stock pads. As an added bonus, the DS2500s also produce significantly less brake dust compared to stock. Overall, I would highly recommend these pads to anyone looking to upgrade oem pads.
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Excellent Pads 8 years ago
These pads will stop you faster and have less dust then the stockers. Great for street. If you track the car use the DS3000's as you can out drive these on the track. 25 minutes of high speed track time is to much for the 2500's but you don't drive like that on the street do you?
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 9 years ago

WRX STi 2006. Better stopping power than stock pads alot less brake dust too! Even with lots of anit-squeak lubricant on the back of the pads and shims they still squeak when light pressure is applied (like when your foot is barely resting on the pedal). Any more pressure than that and there is no noise besides I hardly notice cause I usually have my music all the way up.
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Good for track 5 years ago
Extremely good initial bite but noisy at low speed, temperature not a problem
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Good on track 6 years ago
Pads are working well as expected but normal daily drive, they are noisy especially when brakes are cold.
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Great Upgrade 8 years ago
Great initial bite and a more progressive of a pad. The bite is way is stronger before the ABS kicks in, as compared to the OEM pads. Auto-X is a great option for these pads but anything more than a few laps will cook them.
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Very noisey 6 years ago
Like the first review, I have the same issues when slightly on the brakes it squeals, when the pads are hot they squeak just rolling @ 30mph very annoying. Hard braking works like it should quite and stops in a dime
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