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Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Front

MODEL # STP 309.15390


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Nice pads 2 years ago
Fits my 13 wrx with OEM rotors & calipers just fine. Bed in process is straightforward. Effective pads for street use in hawt temps and rolling mountain drives. Have not tracked em.
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All the pad you'll probably ever need 2 years ago
I've been using these pads with Stop tech slotted rotors for three years now. They would hold up to 6 track days but most clubs want 60% or more so I change them after 4 days. They have never let me down at Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio or Pittrace. Car is tuned and runs on E85 and I still don't see any need for a big brake kit. Also, they're quiet, easy on rotors and the wallet. Haven't used their brake fluid yet. Still have Motul 600 to use up.
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After 6months 3 years ago
Let me first start by saying this is my 2nd review of this product. These brake pads are great, however!!!!!! It is extremely important that you exactly follow the reccomended break-in procedure. The helpful rallysport guys and stoptech provided this great article. In conclusion, these pads are great! I will be purchasing them again! But I will follow the break-in procedure this time.
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Great pads, good initial bite 3 years ago
I just got these installed this weekend, (front and rear). The pads have great initial bite, stopping power feels much stronger than stock pads. No squeaking whatsoever. I also swapped brake fluid to AMSoil Dot 4, 600* fluid. Pedal feel is much better. The WRX comes to a stop much quicker. The stock brakes felt inadequate at the track, now I can't wait to get it on the track again to see how much better it feels.
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Great Uprgrade 3 years ago
Great pads for the price and definitely an uprgrade from the stock pads!
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Solid upgrade from OEM at fraction of price. 3 years ago
Easy installation. Solid upgrade from OEM pads, at a fraction of the price. The warmer the pad the better the bite.
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Wow, such stop, much dust 3 years ago
The Good: These pads are a very welcome upgrade over our crap stock pads (WRX) Typically I was able to get two 60-0 stops before the stocks would fade. During bed in with the StopTecchs, I got 8 60-0 and 2 100-0 stops in before I felt fade. Keep in mind, the stop techs fade differently than stock, Stocks fall off a cliff, the stoptechs are still predictable. The Bad: Not really bad for me, but some might consider it. These pads will dust A LOT at first, but it does die down after about 2k miles or so. But still about a 50% increase over stock. In conclusion, I have used Hawk HPS and 5.0 and the StopTechs blow both of them out of the water. I would guess that the HPS+'s are more on par with the Stoptechs, but they are 2.5x the price! For the price, it doesn't get much better than this!
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A Welcome Improvement 3 years ago
A much needed improvement over my fade happy OEM pads. After proper bed in, these pads offer a MASSIVE improvement over stock. I would recommend flushing your brake fluid and consider adding the SS lines as well. These pads are as quiet as stock, and work well in the cold. My only complaint is the amount of dusting, But for the higher performance of the pads, I am willing to clean my wheels more often. Thanks StopTech for making a great product at an even better price!
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OEM Upgrade 4 years ago
These were all part of a total brake upgrade to include, SS lines, rotors, and fluid. The combination of all 4 greatly increased the stopping performance. I'm very pleased with my setup. I don't know how much the pads are helping over stock since I upgraded my entire system, but the car stops much quicker than it did with a firmer pedal feel.
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Perfect 4 years ago
Perfect for autocross and time trials on small road courses, far superior to the stock pads on a 2012 WRX even as the weather starts getting colder here. Over a 2-day weekend (done once with stock pads and again with the Stoptechs) there was an appreciable decrease in my lap times. All in all a good performance pad.
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Perfect upgrade from Stock 4 years ago
These are awesome pads if you want to upgrade your OEM pads. It does have much better bite and stopping power. Perfect for AutoX.
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Autocross / Daily Driver 5 years ago
Fitted to my 2012 WRX over the weekend, just in time for our first event. Pads seated well the night before and performed great during the event. It was cold and unlike the stock pads, I found they got better with heat which will pay dividends in the summer. My times don't reflect it yet because I need to adjust to the extra stopping power but Im sure it will allow for more consistent braking in Pro Solo's. Daily driving they feel great. Just a little extra bite means I can stop faster in event I need to and with my little one in the back, any extra assurance is welcomed. So far, great pad. Maybe 5-10% more dust than the stock (I have white wheels - VERY easy to tell) and it didn't seem much worse than usual.
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GREAT UPGRADE 5 years ago
swapped in these Stoptech pads and couldn't be happier long story short: I originally saved my factory brake pads since I barely clocked 20,000 miles on my '13 wrx but they ended up in the trash a few days later since I've now confirmed they're garbage. cheaper than Hawk HPS and rated for higher temp - this is a no brainer folks for aggressive street/autox these are my choice of pads
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Great Pads! 5 years ago
Ok i have waited a while to write this since i havent been able to really test them well. After bed in the initial bite was greatly improved, i found myself feeling like i was slamming on the brakes bc they seemed so sensitive compared to oem pads. I then did SS lines, and ATE blue fluid before i went out on a nice drive. Did a solid 5 miles of down hill in the blue ridge mountains heavy on the breaks the whole time. The pads never faded, and by the time i stopped at the bottom i had smoke coming from the wheels but no fade or loss of pedal pressure. I did however experience some vibrations through the pedal most likely due to uneven pad material distributed over the rotor bc it went away after a few miles of normal driving. Long story short the best bang for the buck for braking improvement.
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Great pads 6 years ago
Installed these bad boys about a month ago to replace my oem pads. They r 100 times better...i might be exaggerating a lil:) but they are a whole lot better than oem. Pretty agressive as others have stated but i like the peace of mind of better stopping power especially with stupid so-cal drivers. The only con is all the dang brake dust! Other than that id choose these over hawks because of the price difference and ull get comparable performance.
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Great for daily, not as great for autocross use. 1 year ago
Pads seem to be of good quality (not a lot of miles on them) street use is good. Lots of modulation in the pedal but initial bite and overall stopping power aren't as good as other autocross pads I've run on other vehicles. Installation is easy as any other brake pad.
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Good pads for the money 3 years ago
Great replacement pad if your just looking to replace your stock brakes. Price is right and performance is better than to be expected after they are broken in. I do notice a good amount of brake dust from semi aggressive street driving.
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Good 3 years ago
They are exactly what it says, a street performance brake pad. I would recommend them for daily driving and as an upgrade from OEM for the street but I would't call them autocross useful let alone use them in a lapping event. Great product when used the way they are intended.
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Great DD choice for the money. 2012 wrx 3 years ago
If you're not looking to break the bank with pads these are for you. They have average cold stopping power but when they get to temp they'll pull your eyes out. Even compared to brembos. My friend whom had an Evolution X was impressed and wants these pads for his evo. Which are available.
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So much dust 4 years ago
I bought these because they're designed around being Street pads while giving you a bit of performance. I haven't had a chance to track these yet, but under normal street conditions it IS a step up from OEM, but marginally. What really bothers me is the amount of brake dust. Under normal city driving conditions (15 - 25 miles around town) the front end is littered with dust. I'm having to clean my wheels on almost every return home. Might have to come back and update my review once I get to the Performance part of these Street pads, but figured I'd get my preliminary take on these out there.
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not good with dba 4k rotors  3 years ago
Well after the install it noticed a shutter at highway speeds. Brindle it into Subaru and they say my rotors were warped... this is with less then 3k miles on them. Contacted dba, they sent me another pair and guess what, same thing. Back to Subaru and then to AZP for a second opinion and they said it was most likely due to the pads.
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