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Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Front

MODEL # STP 309.10010


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Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Front ( Part Number: 309.10010)
Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Front ( Part Number: 309.10010)
0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Bites hard! 2 years ago
Got a set of this along with the StopTech braided lines. Stop hard every time. Much better than OEM. No noise and is quiet, with low dust.
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Great Pads! 2 years ago
Install on these were a breeze with the Brembos. The pads are also an improvement in braking performance over the OEM Brembo brake pads. I've used these now in two track days and have been very impressed.
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Best performance to money ever 2 years ago
I didnt care if these pads made noise because they were going on my 99rs track car anyway but to my surprise they didnt make any noise and still dont. I did do a super hard breakin process and have DBA 4000 rotors. half pressure on the pedal will lock up my daily 225 all seasons. yet to see how they do with my track wheels. they generate alot of dust during break in so put on some cheap wheels for the break in. they also generate a bit more dust them normal pads also. the threshold from not locking to locking the tires up is very predictable. you can hear the tires start to scream a bit before they fully grab and lock up. I can do a theshold break from 100 to 10 with the tires yelling at me they whole time but never have a lockup.
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Stoptech brake pads  2 years ago
Fast shipping. Great price.
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I'm stopping! 3 years ago
I thought the pads were cheap and most likely would not work well as the more expensive brands / types. Overall no problem stopping and no noticeable brake fade during hard braking. Also noticed, was the brake dust is about the same as factory pads on my '12 STI and no noise while braking. These pads are a good choice if you're looking for a cheap quality brake pad, but still want the performance of the more expensive name brands.
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Great pads for DD 4 years ago
Andrew Peng
Good cold bite, good stopping power, and nice and quiet.
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It's got the bite! 4 years ago
Bought these with the rear set of pads and so far meet my expectations. Less dust than the factory pads and offers a stronger initial bite that continues throughout the pedal travel. The stock pads was too numb for me that I didn't have the confidence to brake hard during autocross events. Even in cold, wet weather the stock pads needed heat to work effectively. The Stoptechs had the same braking power in the cold and wet weather as it does in warm dry days. One flaw I have with them is when the pads are wet, they like to squeal a bit until some heat get into them. It's not something that lasts long so it's not a negative. One note that I've found with these pads is that a little brake pressure goes along way with Brembo calibers!
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no dust 4 years ago
these are great brake dust and no noise.used them on a 2013 sti.would buy them again
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
SQUEEEEEK!!!! 4 years ago
I installed StopTech front and rear a few weeks before a track day. During the first couple of weeks they were great, no noise but after and during the track event they started squeeking like mad. Braking power is great, good enough for some spirited driving on the track in wet conditions but the squeeking is going to drive me mad. I can't decide if I want to junk them or keep them.
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Great product 4 years ago
So far so good. People been writing that these squeaky. My are as quiet as a mouse. Thought they are a bit softer then oem. I would defiantly buy these again.
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Amazing  5 years ago
Amazing breaks for the price
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best value!!!! 5 years ago
first these brakes were really a breeze getting in and out. took less then a hour total to do both the front brakes. great stopping power. may gerind a littlw when you first get them but they just need to be broken in. must have if your car is a DD. Thanks RSD!!!
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Great upgrade over stock 5 years ago
I was sick of seeing the lovely gold Enkeis coated in brake dust from the factory Brembo setup. Once it was time to replace the Brembo's these were first on my list. They are a super pad, bite is nice and the dust is gone.
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Nice upgrade 5 years ago
OEM pads were just about finished so I ordered these puppies up and installed them. Read some reviews stating crazy initial bite but I never had ABS kick in on really hard stops. However they are an overall great upgrade to OEM; less brake dust, no squeaking noises, a lot less brake fade when stopping several times in a row. Very pleased and will be install them on rear come replacement time (... or sooner lol)
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Easy to install, better than OEM 5 years ago
Install with the Brembos is a snap. Since they're street pads there really isn't any need to break them in but it doesn't hurt. Just be sure to apply plenty of grease to the pads and the pin to prevent squeaking. Stopping power is the same as the OEM pads but there is a lot less dust. Overall, great pads for a DD car.
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Great Pads! 5 years ago
I bought these as a cheap replacement for the OEM pads. I have no issues with them and they work very well, they dust much less than the OEM pads and have good stopping power. They are not as good as the Hawk HPS+ pads but they are half the price.
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Best for the money 6 years ago
This are very good pads. Initial bite is great, fate resistance is great. They do squeak at mid braking some time... For the money these are the best street performance pads I've seen so far.
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great¡ 6 years ago
I did the change of the pads myself, and i was amazed, since the first miles i feel a geat breaking power. nice product¡
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Good value - good braking 6 years ago
Went from stock to HP+ - they were too noisy for the street (awesome braking though). Switched to the Stoptechs and am very pleased. I forgot how nice it was to drive a car that didn't screech to a stop every time. The initial bite on these pads is soft, but push on the pedal and braking is very good for a street pad. Noticed a couple of small squeaks here and there - nothing compared to the HP+ pads and probably just dirt and grime. These are great for the money.
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Great Brake Pads for the Money 6 years ago
Great brake pads for the money, easy install, no brake in the pads. Ready to put and roll literally. Great product and of course the great customer service ever by the best team RALLYSPORTDIRECT!
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20 thousand miles later 6 years ago
I've had these installed a little over a year, some 20 thousand miles or so. Still rockin and rollin, roughly 60% burned through, couldn't ask for more. I don't race though, so take that with a grain of salt.
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Nice Bite  6 years ago
Good feedback when brakes are applied but still braking them in and I know it will get better. RSD ROCKS!
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Great for the Street 6 years ago
I put this in a 500whp evo, they do the job in the street and highway, no noise at all. Great for the street without sacrifice comfort. Maybe the best buck for the money in street pads
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Great product! 6 years ago
i bought it few weeks ago, installed it on my STI 2006, so far the stopping ability is great, no grinding sound, great product with good price.
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Stop Tech Brake Pads 6 years ago
I am totally satisfied with these pads, I am a service advisor and I know brakes. These pads are easily the equivalent of Brembo for a third of the price.
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Good Pads 6 years ago
Easy installation. Great for street and a lot less dust.
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So far so good  6 years ago
Great pads so far - did both front and rear. Cant compare to the stock as they were pretty much worn out when i purchased the car. Note: for international orders go with UPS - UPSPS takes ages and the pads is not something you would want to long wait for. To avoid squeaking - do disk polish.
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Great deal on good pads 6 years ago
I have about 4k miles on these pads now and they perform great on the street. Very low dust, no fade, again, for street use.
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Great pads  7 years ago
Easy install on my '06 STi, stopping power is about the same with less noise and less brake dust which is always a plus. They do make a little noise when they are cold and wet.
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Darn good value for street pads 7 years ago
I installed a set of these (front and rear) for my '11 STI 5-door for street duty to save my track pads and to keep me from going insane from the noise haha. Great DD pads. Soft pedal feel (especially coming from sintered track pads). Quiet with only a slight clunk going from forward to reverse, especially when cold. Perform just as well as the OE pads when it comes to stopping power, though the bite is a little softer than OE. A good deal for street pads.
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Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Front (Part Number: )
Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Front (Part Number: )