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Stoptech Sport Brake Pads Rear

MODEL # STP 309.09610


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Bite Hard! 2 years ago
Got a set of this along with the StopTech braided lines. Stop hard every time. Much better than OEM. No noise and is quiet, with low dust.
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stoptech street pads 3 years ago
Purchased the stoptech street performance pads with citrix rear blank rotors. Both made a difference in daily driving and track. leaves little to no brake dust and does not sequel.
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Good OEM Replacement  3 years ago
Good for an OEM replacement if you only daily drive your car. They don't squeak a lot but it still happens. Probably wouldn't if you grease the outsides with a heat resistant product. You can find what I'm talking about by searching for "replacing sit break pads" on google. The information will be in forums. I have no complaints so far.
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Great replacement for OEM 4 years ago
I found these brake pads work better then the OEM ones.I have not heard any squeaks from the brake pads when driving in rain or after washing the car.Would recommend these brake pads over OEM pads.
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Great pads for DD 4 years ago
Andrew Peng
Good cold bite, good stopping power, and nice and quiet.
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great replacement to stock brakes! 4 years ago
installed these breaks 6 months ago and i have 0 complaints!
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Great replacements! 4 years ago
Like my review on the matching front pads, these pads have a strong initial bite that continues throughout the pedal travel. Prefer these over the stock Brembo pads on the `11 STI.
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Good replacement rear pads for the evo 5 years ago
Evo Fonda
Good initial bite after installation and very quiet too.
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Great Product! 5 years ago
Works like a charm. A bit loud when wet, but that's too be expected with a more aggressive pad. Super stuff
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Excellent brake pad  5 years ago
This is my second set of brake pads that I bought from rallysportdirect. The first set being for my stock Subaru Legacy 2010 brake. This brake pad replace the very noisy Ferodo DS2500 pads which unfortunately included when I bought a used brembo BBK kit for STI. Highly recommended!
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awsome pads 6 years ago
installed these pads along with my DBA's as well and they do feel great. Awsome deal from rally sport direct
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Great Brake Pads for the Money 6 years ago
Great brake pads for the money, easy to install, no need to brake in. Great customer service by the greates team RALLYSPORTDIRECT!
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Nice bite 6 years ago
Got them installed last weekend with my DBA 4000. Nice bite and I know it will get better once they're broken in. RSD the BEST.
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Great pads 7 years ago
Easy install on my '06 STi, stopping power is about the same with less noise and less brake dust which is always a plus. They do make a little noise when they are cold and wet.
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Great pads so far 7 years ago
I have a few hundred daily miles on these pads so far - found my tires were corded during the install so I missed the last two autox events of the season. Great feel, no fade through the mountains, way better than the stock replacement pads that were on the car. Way better pad over the stock replacements I had, and very confidence inspiring.
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Great Value 8 years ago
I put these pads on my 2007 WRX STI and I really like them. They create a lot less dust than the OEM pads. They are also a lot less noisy. Well worth the money, but make sure they are for ONLY street use.
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Stoptech Pads 8 years ago
Didn't notice an improvement from stock but they work great.
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Should be used as OEM replacment only! 4 years ago
Pads are OEM replacements but do not think they will work good on the track. Both myself and instructor had the pads overheat to the point of the pedal going to the floor. Had to pump like crazy and downshift like crazy to slow my STI down. They should be used for OEM replacements only. Spend the extra money and use track pads for the track and take them off and put these back in for the street.
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Loud 1 year ago
These are useless. They claim to be quiet however they are just loud!
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