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FactionFab F-Spec Rear Brake Pads

MODEL # FFA1.10067.1


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Pad and Rotor Upgrade for my Forester. 4 years ago
5out of 5stars
Evan M.
It would be an understatement to say My 2011 Forester XT’s brakes were very exhausted and needed I all 4 corners replaced. I was looking for something that would preform better than OEM and went with these FactionFab Pads with their Rotors. Upon opening the box, everything was very high quality and came exactly as expected with no blemished or damage. Install was easy and these fit like OEM. Performance wise, I was nervous these might be a bit too aggressive because while I typically go for an aggressive pad, my wife is the primary driver for this vehicle. After the initial break in (60-10ish MPH and about 6-8 stops without coming to a complete stop) the pads were nice and firm and provided confidence. The overall feel is much better than stock and the pads were very linear which makes driving them comfortable and predictable. These are rated higher than the car ever intends on being driven but they are still excellent on the street. I haven’t noticed any major noise and haven’t been nagged by my wife about any harshness. I also haven’t really noticed any abnormal dusting even though they are more aggressive from stock. All in all, I really like the quality and performance of these pads and will be using these for my Rallycross/autocross BRZ as well. Highly recommended for someone looking to improve their breaking feel either on the street or for their intended use of light race use like autocross.
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