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Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Rear

MODEL # STP 950.47508


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works with 2015 WRX 3 years ago
Bought this along with the front SS lines for the 2015 WRX, both fit no problems and work/look great. I expect them to last a very long time and provide more consistent braking than the stock rubber lines. IMO SS lines are a must have cheap upgrade for any sports oriented vehicle.
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Great for track 4 years ago
fit both front and back with Liqui Moly dot5.1 fluid and Endless brake pads and the performance was magic on the track. no brake fade and could hammer the brakes lap after lap. Definitely bang for buck mod!
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A Must  4 years ago
Josh B
Installed on my 2014 STI, and significantly noticed the difference! Its great knowing the power of braking you feel when you hit the pedal!
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Excellent product 5 years ago
I bought this along with the front lines to do the STI Brembo conversion on my 13 WRX and they work perfectly. Install was easy and would recommend to anyone looking to do the conversion or just a upgrade from their stock lines.
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Good upgrade for the track 5 years ago
Combined with high temp fluid these are a great affordable upgrade. The increased brake feel isn't noticeable until you take them on the track and your pedal feel stays consistent throughout the day. I put these through 5 sessions that consisted of a 1.6 mile track with elevation changes and heavy braking areas from 100mph down to 20mph in 3 of the turns. No fade that entire day and I never bottomed out the pedal like I've done in a past event. Install is pretty easy just make sure you use a flare wrench so you won't round the nuts. To be on the safe side you'll need 2-3 bottle of fluid for the STI. I used the Stoptech performance pads also which are a good all around pad with a wide operating temp.
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Money well spent... enough said! 6 years ago
Purchased these as a set for my 2008 STI when I was flushing out my brake system, I used Motul RBF600 fluid night and day difference, the pedal response is just so much better, still using the OEM rotors and pads cant wait to swap those out for DBA 4000 and Coswroth Street Pads :)
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Worth IT! 7 years ago
Definitely can feel the difference in pedal pressure and stopping distance under hard braking.
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Increased Brake Feel 7 years ago
I purchased the F+R brake line kit for my 2011 STI in hopes of beefing up the braking system for track work. These lines along with some fluid changed not only the feel of the pedal after repeated hard stops from 110 to 50 but also gave my more confidence in the car. Great cheap buy to help out with the brakes.
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