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Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front

MODEL # STP 950.47006


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Easy performance upgrade! 10 months ago
This is a mod that I almost, always install on my car first. The SS brake lines improve the overall brake feel by giving a firm and consistent feel when applying the brakes. If your car is going fast, it will need to stop even faster :)
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Nice Improvement 3 years ago
Had these and the rear set of ss lines along with stoptech pads put onto my 2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5i. Definite improvement with much more bite and more stiff brake pedal feel. Brakes are more responsive and direct. Not sure how easy they are to install as I had a shop put new rotors, pads, and these on for me all at the same time. Would recommend to anyone doing a brake job on their subie!
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Good Quality. Consistent feel. 4 years ago
Braking feels more solid all the way down to the floor. You dont get that mush feel when you press the brakes all the way down.
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2012 wrx 4 years ago
Love them. If you're thinking about doing then just do it and spend the cash.
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Fits Subaru Crosstrek XV 4 years ago
Installed on my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek XV, fit's perfect. In conjunction with the rear lines, a good fluid flush & bleed and Cusco MC brace I now have fantastic brake pedal feel. Great product for sure. Please note. These lines are approx ~ 0.5 shorter than the OEM front rubber brake lines on the Crosstrek, but still fit and perform flawlessly. I've had them on for 2 weeks now, no issues at all. They're great!
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No brainer 4 years ago
Much better/stiffer feel on the brake pedal with these, absolutely worth the money.
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Very Good 4 years ago
Hi, I bought a WRX 2010 and the brakes wasn't good at first time. After intalling the brake lines, change the brake fluid and check everything, I saw a very good upgrade for the price. I didn't have to change my brake pads and I saw a good improviment.
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A Must 5 years ago
Josh B
Installed on my 2014 STI, and significantly noticed the difference! Its great knowing the power of braking you feel when you hit the pedal!
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Not a single disappointment  5 years ago
2013 wrx and the brakes left a lot to be desired, installation was fairly easy with few hiccups, matted these along with the rear lines, dba rotors, hawk hps pads with a fluid flush and I'd have to say I am not at all disappointed, very happy with the outcome and they brake feel, money well spent and worth this minor upgrade
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Excellent product 5 years ago
I bought this along with the rear lines to do the STI Brembo conversion on my 13 WRX and they work perfectly. Install was easy and would recommend to anyone looking to do the conversion or just a upgrade from their stock lines.
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Steel Lines 5 years ago
Installed these to my 07 2.5i front and rear. Great so far
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Great 5 years ago
Great product and truly improves the feel of your brake pedal. these are a pain to install but worth it.
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Good upgrade for the track 5 years ago
Combined with high temp fluid these are a great affordable upgrade. The increased brake feel isn't noticeable until you take them on the track and your pedal feel stays consistent throughout the day. I put these through 5 sessions that consisted of a 1.6 mile track with elevation changes and heavy braking areas from 100mph down to 20mph in 3 of the turns. No fade that entire day and I never bottomed out the pedal like I've done in a past event. Install is pretty easy just make sure you use a flare wrench so you won't round the nuts. To be on the safe side you'll need 2-3 bottle of fluid for the STI. I used the Stoptech performance pads also which are a good all around pad with a wide operating temp.
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Excellent product with a significant difference! 6 years ago
I bought both front and rear lines for my 2008 Impreza 2.5i. I am pleased to say the pressure is strong and constant and has made a distinctive difference from stock. The fitment for the rear is perfect! RSD could not confirm fitment, but I just finished installing them and they are an exact fit as long as you have disk brakes on the rear of your 2.5i.
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StopTech SS Brake Lines 6 years ago
Fair easy install and they removed the spongy feeling of my stock brakes.
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Money well spent... enough said! 6 years ago
Purchased these as a set for my 2008 STI when I was flushing out my brake system, I used Motul RBF600 fluid night and day difference, the pedal response is just so much better, still using the OEM rotors and pads cant wait to swap those out for DBA 4000 and Coswroth Street Pads :)
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Excellent Brake Feel 6 years ago
Sparky Plug
Added these to an 09 WRX. Huge diffence in pedal feel. I had already upgraded to hawk hps pads and motul 5.1 fluid. These still made a noticeable difference in braking performance, but brake modulation is much better.
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2011 STi 7 years ago
I really like these lines.  I also switched from stock to Motul RBF600 fluid at the same time, so I guess the review is of them together.  However, the car only had 3800 miles, so the stock fluid wasn’t used enough to really make that a factor in my opinion.    Excellent, firm, consistent pedal feel.  I barely have to move my toe to get the brakes to begin slowing the vehicle.  Even so, I feel like I have excellent modulation capability with the lines/fluid.  When I get on the brakes hard the feedback is positive and firm.  In autocross the brake pedal feels the same on the first morning run and the last afternoon run.  It is possible that this review speaks to the fluid more since I have not had a track day yet with the lines, where heat and expansion can become an issue more so than in autocross.    The only think that could possibly make these better is if they came with an insert for the banjo area to prevent fluid from spilling out of the line during install.  I installed first to the hardline, then to the caliper and one line took me long enough that fluid came out of the line before I had it attached.  No big deal though, and final performance is unaffected by this, only install messiness.
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Big Difference! 7 years ago
Like many others, I wasn't a big fan of the spongy feeling brakes. I replaced the standard lines and immediately felt a bit of a difference! Why didn't Subaru just put these on in the first place?!?
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Worth IT! 7 years ago
Definitely can feel the difference in pedal pressure and stopping distance under hard braking.
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A noticable difference 7 years ago
The biggest thing to mention is to state the flare wrench is a must have and the threads are reserve threaded. Hehe, stripped my first one not knowing that. Overall a great mod.
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Great feel 7 years ago
I just installed the front and rear lines on my 2011 WRX and used Motul RBF 600 fluid. The brake pedal is noticeably firmer. Installation was a real easy, too.
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very Pleased 7 years ago
Installed these the same time I replaced my pads. The pedal feels significantly firmer, and modulation under heavy braking or corners is significantly improved. In conjunction with the new pads and fluid, I am extremely happy with the set-up. Make sure you have an 11 mm flare wrench (line wrench) for the install; you don't want to strip the fitting on the hard lines.
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Brake Feel - INCREASED - BUY ME NOW 7 years ago
I purchased the F+R brake line kit for my 2011 STI in hopes of beefing up the braking system for track work. These lines along with some fluid changed not only the feel of the pedal after repeated hard stops from 110 to 50 but also gave my more confidence in the car. Great cheap buy to help out with the brakes.
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Great feel 5 years ago
Great feeling. Just need to add some shims to the middle bracket so it doesn't rub on the shock.
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didn't need them 4 years ago
nice lines and all but don't feel any difference at all.plain and simple if you are not using the car for a track car then dont waste your sure they work great if you track your car all the time but i have tested them in traffic and high speed to quick stop and no difference. tested them on hot days in stop n go traffic as well.feels the same also used d.o.t 4 racing fluid and feels same as stock.
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