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Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front

MODEL # STP 950.47004


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Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front ( Part Number: 950.47004)
Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front ( Part Number: 950.47004)
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Stop Tech SS Brake Lines 5 months ago
I needed to upgrade my line with my new calipers so I decided to spend a little extra for the SS lines. Installation was straight forward as can be, came with hardware and copper washers, and bleeder caps. Having these has noticeably taken away the common mushy brakes you can get in Subarus. All in all totally worth around $60.
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Must Have 9 months ago
Fitment on the Forester was spot on (there are no Forester part #, only for WRX), but the forums said they would fit and they did, with no zip ties or modifications needed. Braking has returned, even after long hot drives, they remain consistent. I purchased these along with Slotted Rotors, PosiQuiet Pads and ATE fluid.
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hello 10 months ago
Henry guevara jimenez
excellent product Super good for my car and what I like the most is to improve everything I wanted
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Get them. 3 years ago
Great upgrade, very pleased with difference in pedal feel.
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great upgrade 4 years ago
I just installed 07 wrx brakes on my 02 wrx and decided to go stainless while I was at it. I've always like stoptech's products and these are good quality as well. Very easy to install even though there's no instructions provided. The thing that takes the longest is bleeding the brakes... For those that are upgrading their calipers, you buy the lines based on having the 4 pots, not based on the car.
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Good stuff 4 years ago
High quality as expected.
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Break lines 4 years ago
Quick response in shipping!
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I thought my brakes were amazing till ..... 4 years ago
Holy crap, I have a 2006 wrx wagon with the stock 4 pot brake calipers with hawk HPS pads and stoptech slotted rotors. Now the pads and the rotors were enough alone to make the car stop ten times better. These Lines took it to the next level!! I mean for the money you spend on the lines it's just worth it. I haven't been able to really test them out yet because I just got the clutch installed and been babying my car. Only put 50 miles on them so far, and the rear ones, but can notice a huge difference in stopping power. Pros Cheap Ten times better stopping Pedal feel is way better ( feedback, and no sponginess ) Love them Would recommend Cons I paid a Shop to do it when I did my clutch Cause of the fluid machine. Still was only like 120 bucks ish.
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Excellent Quality 6 years ago
Brake line construction is very tough. Improves caliper modulation, overall brake pedal input feels right on.
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SOLID! 6 years ago
Enough said. RSD ROCKS.
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great product 6 years ago
great cheap and easy upgrade. Built really well. A most do, if you plan on tracking your car anytime.
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Perfect 6 years ago
Had to replace old WRX lines on my STI. These were a perfect buy and upgrade. Everything fit like a charm.
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Awesome 6 years ago
great product to have install on your car must have item...
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Awesome brake feel 6 years ago
The lines went in easy. Definitely a must when upgrading brakes. My only gripe is that the C clip holding the brake line to the hard line was a bit loose and I had to modify the clip so it would fit on more tightly. Other than that, it's a good product and it includes everything you need to swap out your brake lines.
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Killer 6 years ago
They just work and the lines have been coated for extra protection.
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Brake Booster 6 years ago
I put thes on as the first step towards race level brakes. Installation was pretty easy after you do the first one and come up with a technique. Instant braking force you can feel. This is a good kit with all the pieces needed to do a conversion right.
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Good product. 7 years ago
Good product, and better quality than the stock breaklines. Fitment is perfect. Brake pedal feel is a bit better, but it is not a world of cange from stock.
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Excellent brake feel!! 7 years ago
Much better brake feel compared to oem rubber brake lines. Combo with grimmspeed master cylinder brace you get a solid brake pedal all the way. Just make sure to use the 10mm flare nut wrench to loose and tighten the brake lines, it will make the installation that much easier.
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brake lines 7 years ago
Much better brake feel. Good easy mod too.
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Brake lines 8 years ago
Perfect fit. Works well.
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 8 years ago

Awesome brake lines, they give you a much more positive feel in the brake pedal. Works best with both front and rear lines which are sold seperately. Also, having 2 people helps alot to bleed the lines!
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 10 years ago
Great product fits perfectly and installed easily but bleeding the STI brakes with a hand bleeder is going to take you a longgggg time. Other than that they bolted up as they should and really helped the brake feel.
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Okay for the money 3 years ago
Replaced my front and rear with these. To be honest, they feel kind of cheap in hand. But they seem to be doing the job well. New pads, rotors, lines, and a flush with ATE Typ 200, and I can feel a difference. I don't think it's extremely noticeable. But I'm more confident in these than my stocks.
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Quality Lines 6 years ago
Brake pedal is firm. Great upgrade. Only issue was the clip given wasnt tight.
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Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front (Part Number: )
Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front (Part Number: )