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ATE Type200 Brake Fluid DOT 4 1L

MODEL # ATE 106256


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ATE Type200 Brake Fluid DOT 4 1L ( Part Number: 106256)
Original Brem~~something something 200 Brake Fluid 2 years ago
Great Fluid. The main reason it's a winner is because when caliper temps rise, this stuff does not become squishy.
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Great product! 2 years ago
Excellent high temperature fluids. Have used it on several cars no issues and never let down. Cheapest price and quick shipping from rsd.
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Brake fluid 3 years ago
Great product. I've been running this same fluid since the beginning and I have an 05 Sti. Works great. Use to be blue and now it's Amber which helps with the flushes.
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Only the best 3 years ago
Can't beat this brake fluid. Buy it.
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Product works: 3 years ago
It's DOT 4 brake fluid. Works as expected. Buy one extra just in case. Works well with a hand bleeder.
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It's a neat container 3 years ago
It's brake fluid. I wish you could still buy the SuperBlue as that would make bleeds and fluid changes sooooo much easier instead of trying to watch the subtle gradation of brown to clear.
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04 wrx wagon 4 years ago
great fluid, while my pads were smoking for a good 5-10 minutes after getting off the track, i had absolutely no fade.
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Great Stuff, no issues. 4 years ago
I used just a little over half of the can to bleed the lines on my 2012 STi. The 2-man method was used. I also replaced my brake pads and everything was straight forward and fairly easy.
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Blue to Amber 5 years ago
I used this to flush the old ATE Blue out of my brakes. It never really turned Amber but went from blue to light blue to green, to mostly Amber but still some blue in there. The color is irrelevant, I now know that I got most of the old fluid out. Next brake job, I'll do the same thing and push the old Amber out with the Blue.
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Good fluid 10 months ago
Great quality brake fluid. I just wish it was a different color! I thought it was going to be blue but it's super clear fluid. Makes it a little difficult to know when your old fluid is flushed out.
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