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Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit

MODEL # MOT 0107


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Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit ( Part Number: 0107)
Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit ( Part Number: 0107)
Motive bleeder 3 years ago
Very easy to work with and very good quality product.I am highly recommending this product.
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Awesome Bleeder! 3 years ago
This bleeder works like magic! Me and a buddy went in on it so we have joint custody, lol. I used it to replace the brake fluid on my 03 WRX. I highly recommend getting the catch bottles as well. They make the job a no mess affair. For 02-03 WRX owners (and maybe others) make sure you switch to the thinner o-ring that is provided with the kit and install it on the reservoir cap. I fought for about an hour with the cap (I even trimmed the tabs with a razor) until I figured this out. All I could find online was that it took a lot of force to get the cap to fit so I tried to muscle it on but I was afraid of destroying the reservoir. I even called a rallysport rep and he couldn't help me (not bashing, rallysport customer service is great!). Once I switched o-rings install was a snap. I think this is a better solution than the speed bleeder screws since you can use it on all your and your buddies Subies.
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GREAT PRODUCT 4 years ago
This a great product to bleed your brakes. easy to use . one person can do it. and really saves you time......cap can be tuff to get on .. but it fits very tight to ensure seal. if you do your own brakes by yourself its almost a must have
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Great Tool for any Home Mechanic 5 years ago
The whole bleeder system works as described. No faults on my first attempt at a full system fluid change. The cap that is supplied with the pump fit perfectly on my '12 WRX.
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motul 5 years ago
This product is of high quality, but its not worth $60 bucks. I ended up putting it on eBay after one use. You could just get a one man bleed kit from autozone that also does a great job for a fraction of the price.
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SO EASY! 5 years ago
Can't express how easy this thing made life when doing brake flush. Always wanted to flush my system with good fluid, but didn't want to pay 100+ for someone else to do what should be an easy job. Glad I paid for this when I grabbed the stainless lines and fluid. Worth every single penny. Make sure to grab the fill bottles too.
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An essential tool for wnyone working on a brake system 5 years ago
The cap can be difficult to get on the master cylinder correctly, but there is a reason for that: it must seal well enough to create brake pressure! It made clearing the brake lines a painless process. I would definitely recommend it.
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great product 6 years ago
This is the best item I have bought for my STI project. Turns a long , two person job into a fast , one person job. Super easy to use and as far as being hard to hook up to the master cylinder, I didn't find it hard at all.
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Clean it first 6 years ago
Couple things: Clean this out first. Lots of particles for the manufacturing process that you do not want in the brake lines. Second, you want it dry of water before using and if you don't understand why read about brake fluid. Third, as for fitment, this is easy. Look closely at the OEM reservoir. You will notice one of the three outer points of contact for the cap has an extra notch (at least on my 11'). I aligned the bleeder cap on an angle to go over that notch first, then seated the cap flat and then turned and the cap for the bleeder went on rather easy. Fourth, don't wait for a leak, just teflon tape the connection between the brass fittings. Fifth, follow the instructions. Very nice to bleed my brakes now by myself. I track my car so the bleeding thing happens often.
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What a cinch. 6 years ago
This is fricken awesome. I don't have to call a buddy over to my house anymore to flush the brakes, it made my job a breeze. I read some reviews about the cap going on rough to start, but it just takes a little elbow grease and you'll feel the cap slip into place, then twist to lock. I used teflon on the brass connectors to ensure that there was no leakage, and this worked fantastic the first time. I was a bit cautious with the pressure -- I only went to 12psi as I did not want to blow any seals in the master cylinder, but overall it worked fantastic. Coupled with the bottles this was done in about half an hour. Not counting jacking the car up and removing the tires. Love this product!!
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Easy to use 6 years ago
I bought this to make the track day bleeds on my 06 STI and it works great and it also fits on my 99 Ford Ranger making that job just as easy.
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perfect 7 years ago
Great product. Made doing the brakes alone possible. Came with everything I needed. Instructions are printed right on the bottle! no leaks or issues with mine. It fits tight, and does what it's supposed to.
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Motive Power Bleeder 7 years ago
Highly recommend for anybody changing brake fluid. It makes the job 10 times faster and you can do it by yourself. No more asking someone to pump the pedal for you. It is easy to use, very straight forward. The only problem I had was a slight drip from the brass connector. Pipe thread tape fixed that.
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 10 years ago
RSD Customer
This bleeder is awesome! Made bleeding my brakes super easy!
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 11 years ago
RSD Customer
Perfect and flawless. If you don't have this buy it because it makes bleeding brakes a breeze. And not to mention changing your brake fluid. Even easier! BUY IT!
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2012 wrx 3 years ago
This gets 4 stars because of the adapter for the master cylinder. At first I thought it was the wrong one, but then I had to press the adapter harder onto the cylinder to make it lock in place. I would recommend buying a used cap and fitting a fitting on it.
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Fast and easy fluid change 5 years ago
I thought this was a great tool that I'll be able to use over and over again. It's pretty easy to set up and charge your system with. I also like that it's universal to other cars, you just need to buy another adapter if your other car has a different reservoir opening size. I would have given it 5 stars except: -I had a little difficulty getting the cap to fit the reservoir because it's so snug. -Although the price appears to be fixed from the manufacturer, I feel it's about $20 more than it should be. That said, the construction is pretty good.
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2011 STi 7 years ago
This thing is a pain to put on the first time. The second time it was much easier. Also, mine leaked at the connection of the hose and the brass. Other than that, bleeding was super easy. Spend the extra 20 on the catch bottles. Those are great, but would be better with volume marking in ml on the sides.
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 10 years ago
Overall it worked good. I had a little trouble making it so it didn't drip out one of the connectors. But made changing the brake fluid a breeze.
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 11 years ago
RSD Customer
I was a little worried when I bought this because it isn't cheap but I knew I was going to be on my own when it was time to bleed my new brake system. Instructions on the bottle were easy to follow and the system worked as described. The value of the product certainly goes up the more you are bleeding brakes so it would be a great club purchase to pass around to your fellow wrxers.
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'03 WRX compatibility 6 years ago
The bleeder itself works really well. The cap is super tight on my master cylinder reservoir, which I'd seen in reviews for '03 WRX's. But, it was ridiculously tight and difficult to get off. I ended up needing channel locks to get it off. I'd rate it 5 stars if it were easier to take on/off. I'm going to get a new cap and send it to Motiv to modify to work with the bleeder. Then I'll be stoked about this product.
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May push air into fluid? 7 years ago
Dr. Wicked
I used this bleeder after a stoptech install on a 350Z and it felt like there was air in the lines. I power bled the system 2 more times and it still felt like air in the lines. After one day, the brake pedal felt a little stiffer and after 3 days the brakes felt great. I'm using Motul RBF600 Dot 4 fluid. My hypothesis is that the power bleeder 'pushes' air into the fluid (like carbonating soda) and when the fluid is in the lines at nearly atmospheric pressure, the air bubbles out (like opening a 2 liter of soda). This seems to be an attribute of Dot 4 fluid. So, just a warning that a power bleeder may not be ideal for DOT 4 fluids. My $0.02
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motive bleeder 8 years ago
The cap took me at least 30 minutes to get on my fluid reservoir. It has an extremely tight fit. You better make sure its on there right too. I thought I had it on right and pressurized the tank and fluid ended up going everywhere. I felt like you had to use so much force to get the cap on I was going to break my master cylinder reservoir. It was a real PITA. Once I got the cap on it worked well. I certainly would't say its "easy to use" for someone that has never used one before though. I wouldn't buy it again if I had it to do over. I'll probably chuck this POS in the garbage and buy some speed bleeders for next time since I've had way less hassle with them in the past.
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Wrong Connector for STi 8 years ago
Logan F.
Despite being told that this product came with the correct connector for my 05 STi's master cylinder, it does not! Apparently a Ford connector is needed, not the one included in the STi power bleeder kit. As far as the product, I wish I knew how nice it is. I never got it connected. However I'm certain it is well made and works flawlessly, with the proper connector.
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Not worth it 5 years ago
The bleeder had a leak in the line that connects on the brake fluid resivoir. I wasn't able to use it. After replacing the hose it worked.
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No sir,I don't like it 3 years ago
I got it to work,barely. The cap fit with a TREMENDOUS amount of FORCE!!! I was scared I was going to break the plastic reservoir. Yes, I lined up the notches and I have used bleeder tanks before. I pumped it up as high as the gauge would go And I still only got a trickle out of it. When I removed the cap I had to use a pair of channel locks! It damaged the tabs on my reservoir. I can't resell this to anyone with a clear conscience so in the trash it goes.
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Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit (Part Number: )
Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit (Part Number: )