Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit

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This is the Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit for those of you needing to bleed your brakes if you don’t have a second set of hands.

This kit consists of the bottle itself which is a pressurized cylinder that has a built in pressure gauge, along with a manual hand pump that builds the pressure.  Then it has the connection that connects to the brake master cylinder. With that said you can also hook it up to your clutch master cylinder.  Adapters will also be included which consists of a cap built to fit the OEM clutch master cylinder fluid cap.

Simply hook up the hose to the brake master cylinder, pump it up a few times to build pressure, and go to each caliper and open up the bleeder valves as needed.  This makes bleeding your brakes while alone, simple and effective.

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Motive bleeder
Tomaszszmuc 10 months ago
Very easy to work with and very good quality product.I am highly recommending this product.

Awesome Bleeder!
isaacviolins17907 1 year ago
This bleeder works like magic! Me and a buddy went in on it so we have joint custody, lol. I used it to replace the brake fluid on my 03 WRX. I highly recommend getting the catch bottles as well. They make the job a no mess affair. For 02-03 WRX owners (and maybe others) make sure you switch to the thinner o-ring that is provided with the kit and install it on the reservoir cap. I fought for about an hour with the cap (I even trimmed the tabs with a razor) until I figured this out. All I could find online was that it took a lot of force to get the cap to fit so I tried to muscle it on but I was afraid of destroying the reservoir. I even called a rallysport rep and he couldn't help me (not bashing, rallysport customer service is great!). Once I switched o-rings install was a snap. I think this is a better solution than the speed bleeder screws since you can use it on all your and your buddies Subies.

A reliable one person system
abossler04427 2 years ago
Once you learn to fix the cap on and pressurise the system, bleeding or flushing brakes is a quick one-person operation. I recommend purchasing the catch bottle as well. My original unit had a flaw and Motive sent me a new part free of charge.

No sir,I don't like it
Fidrat 2 years ago
I got it to work,barely. The cap fit with a TREMENDOUS amount of FORCE!!! I was scared I was going to break the plastic reservoir. Yes, I lined up the notches and I have used bleeder tanks before. I pumped it up as high as the gauge would go And I still only got a trickle out of it. When I removed the cap I had to use a pair of channel locks! It damaged the tabs on my reservoir. I can't resell this to anyone with a clear conscience so in the trash it goes.

2012 wrx
j5311396899 2 years ago
This gets 4 stars because of the adapter for the master cylinder. At first I thought it was the wrong one, but then I had to press the adapter harder onto the cylinder to make it lock in place. I would recommend buying a used cap and fitting a fitting on it.

  • Q: Hose ID  avstructmech42404 10 months ago


    What is the inside diameter of the hose included with this kit?

    • A: Sorry but we do not have the specifications of the hose.

      Chris W. 10 months ago
  • Q: 94 WRX  dylantrouant 1 year ago


    Will this fit on a JDM 94 WRX and is there an adapter for the clutch master cylinder?

    • A: We have not confirmed fitment for JDM models and cannot confirm.

      Nick S. 1 year ago
  • Q: 2009 wrx  limptimtim72890 2 years ago


    Will this fit a '09 wrx sedan?

    • A: This includes a cap specifically meant for Subaru models.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: Fit on 2013 STi?  gmhl10 2 years ago


    Does this bleeder come with a Ford Part #1107 adapter? I bought #1107 from somewhere a while back after being told it would fit on my brake reservoir, but it does not. Will this fit my reservoir? If not, can you direct me to a Motive adapter that does? Thanks.

    • A: This bleeder does come with adapter 1107 and will fit your 2013 STI. The fitment can be very tight and it does sometimes take a bit of force, but it will work.

      Zach G. 2 years ago
Universal Product
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