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COBB Tuning EBCS 1/4in EWG Fitting Kit



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As Expected 6 months ago
This kit does exactly what is says. If you want to run 1/4 in hose for your wastegate, then this will allow you to do so.
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Used with my ETS rotated kit on my 2006 STI 2 years ago
I'm running a AEM truboost controller with 44mm EWG. The kit came with everything I needed to run the lines neat and clean at fair price.
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Same Same 7 months ago
Jonathan Dalton
Great quality as expected but as stated not enough vacuum line is supplied to install.
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Running EWG?  3 years ago
I ran the 1/4 fitting with my grimmspeed ebc and it works like a charm!
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Nice kit, needs more boost control line 3 years ago
Nice quality fittings to replace the ones on the Cobb EBCS. You will want to have some loctite to use when installing them. I let my EBCS sit about 24 hours to cure after installing the new fittings since I had it off of the car anyway. This kit could use about triple the amount of boost line that they give you. Even if they had to charge $35. I ended up having to buy about six feet of 1/4" fuel hose to run to my EWG(it sits in the standard location for a Subaru with a EWG) and used the Cobb hose under the hood as it looked much nicer.
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this will help you complete your EWG set up lot easier 4 years ago
every thing is good except the hose is NOT long enough as other review stated.
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Compatible with other EBCSs 6 years ago
sector18 STI
I purchased this kit for my Grimmspeed EBCS and it fits. This kit will fit any EBCS that uses the MAC valve (i.e. AEM, GS and COOB of course). If are looking to upgrading your turbo, going with a hybrid setup or EWG, this is a must. Do not use the reducers. Buy this. The only reason I give it 4* is because I am not a big fan of silicone vacuum hoses.
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Good kit, no enough though 2 years ago
Good little upgrade kit but was nit enough hose to run a 3 port EBCS and an EWG. Also wasn't enough zip ties. Luckily I had extra hose from my BPV and some zip ties or I wouldn't be able to finish my EWG install. The Tee is also plastic.
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Great Idea, Poor Execution 4 years ago
First of all, when installing the fittings, the fitting hits the Cobb EBCS mounting bracket. So you either need to bend something out of the way or figure something out, but just simply screwing the fitting will not work. Secondly They did not supply enough Vacuum hose, you either need to relocate your EBCS to shorten the distance between the EWG, Inlet hose and Turbo OR buy more hose. They include like 2 feet of hosing... Definitely not enough. Besides the potential headache of an install, the kit works great and is a must for EWG + EBCS combos. For the price, there is really no reason not to get it. Just buy yourself some more hosing ...
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