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COBB Tuning 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid

MODEL # COB 712750


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Boost Control Solenoid 6 months ago
A must have.
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Necessary in place of analog actuator.  9 months ago
Huge difference over stock. Boost comes on earlier and smoother. While the Cobb OTS tune works, I wouldn't run it for long without a custom tune. I saw small knock events with regularity until I switching to custom. Stage 1+EBCS felt equivalent to Stage 2 w/stock boost controller dyno tune to my butt. Very easy to install.
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Great Supporting Mod When Ready for More HP! 1 year ago
My Stage 2 WRX seemed to perform much smoother after switching my OTS Map from the Cobb Stage 2 over to the Cobb Stage 2 + EBCS. I noticed a smoother power band. This mod will also become very crucial when getting a ProTune in the near future. I would highly recommend. I also made an install video on my YouTube Channel: 06WRXDUDE
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Lag killer in my 07WRX 2 years ago
This was the best upgrade per dollar yet from Cobb. It greatly reduced turbo lag. The OTS map worked perfectly with it.
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Nice little upgrade 2 years ago
Easy install. Went from Cobb STG1 to STG1+EBCS, and the powerband smoothed out a bit between 2500 and 3000 when boost starts to kick in. Was surprisingly noticeable over stock controller.
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Works well with Accessport 2 years ago
Very easy to install, just follow instructions and you'll be done in under an hour. Installed and immediately swapped from the Cobb OTS Stage 1 to Stage 1+EBCS. Boost is noticeably smoother and more controlled, especially when coming on around 2500rpms. The wastegate flutter sounds nice, too.
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Inexpensive upgrade 2 years ago
Eliminated some overboosting, easy to install and will become more useful when pro tuned
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Cobb  2 years ago
This was way easy to install and work got my tune right after I installed and works perfectly.
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Cobb ebcs 3 years ago
A lot better boost response and better boost control.
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Best Upgrade For The Money, Period! 3 years ago
James C.
I can't imagine a better way to spend $100. The install in my 02 WRX was less than graceful since some of the rubber lines had actually hardened and fused to the connection points. But I was patient and they eventually wiggled free. Once the old stuff was out it was simple with the instructions on the COBB tuning website. Overall it took about 20 min and was still the easiest install of anything I have done to date. After I was done I hooked my COBB AP to my laptop and downloaded the new map. The change was instantly obvious. A stronger and more consistent pull from launch to top speed. Hands down the best $100 I have spent on my car to date.
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Great respone, easy install 3 years ago
Super easy to install and gives you better boost control. Took me about 10 mins to install and eliminates my boost spike and holds 23 lbs with ease.
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Great Product! 3 years ago
It comes with everything you need, including zip ties, hardware, new vacuum hose, etc.. Boost comes on a lot faster and holds better than stock. Definitely worth the price!
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Boost response way better! 3 years ago
I got this to replace my old factory bcs. I thought it would kind of just be a normal replacement with not too much of an improvement, but I was way wrong. The boost builds a lot faster and holds better with it. Definitely worth it!
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huge difference  3 years ago
Great product u can feel the high quality of it when u pick it up. Installation was like 10 to 15 minutes. I used the off the shelf map from Cobb (stage 2+ EBCS)and the car is doing great spools way faster then before.
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Great Product  3 years ago
I ordered this when upgrading my 04 WRX to run a 16g on e85. Allowed my tuner (TheBoostCreep) to make 305whp on a 2.0 with stock internals. For $100 its cheap insurance. Install was easy and took maybe 30 minutes. RSD did great as always.
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Love it! 3 years ago
Install was a breeze. After installing and re-flashing my ECU with my COBB AP (Stage 2+ 3 Port Map), I'm definitely seeing a difference in turbo responsiveness. It took a couple days for the ECU to re-learn and adapt (The first day or two it would slightly over boost on WOT but then it would fix itself quickly.) After the first few days though it hits top boost quickly and stays there. Definitely would recommend it.
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Turbo spools way quicker 4 years ago
Easy install. If you have cobb tuner download map for ebcs. Turbo respons a whole lot better.
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Perfect fit (06 JDM Forester STI) 4 years ago
Perfect fit. Functions well.
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noisy but worth it.  4 years ago
Install: A baby monkey can install this in minutes, the instructions are crystal clear. Function: Rock solid boost. Noisy as hell tho, almost sounds like a wastegate flutter that you can hear in the car. I haven't gotten it to go away yet.
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Excellent product. 4 years ago
Easy an straight forward install. I got the oppurtunity to run cobbs stage 2 ebcs map an now getting a protune with it with a vf39 swap an the response is awesome.
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This and a tune 4 years ago
I can't speak to just installing this alone, but my tuner and most tuners i spoke to, wanted this for a tune, so for 100 bucks for insurance i said why not. This and my pro-tune allowed my tuner to make 300wtq before 4,000 rpms. I have to get a new clutch because too much tq ( BECAUSERACECAR ) lol not really mine is a daily with stock turbo. but just buy it, its amazing, boost is so much better. its 100 bucks for this amazing thing, no brainer.
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great product 5 years ago
easy to install with great instructions. boost is much more controlled, comes on a little sooner and is more responsive. the only thing I do not like is the constant clicking.
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bolt on 5 years ago
well its easy to install and works very good with a cobb tune i have a ewg setup with this boost solenoid and it works very very accurate
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Strap in 6 years ago
Amazing product. The stock turbo is very responsive, it's night and day on performance. Tuned by PDXtuning. RSD BIG MAHALO!
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Love this ebcs, BUT 12 months ago
Originally purchased this ebcs back in january of 2016 for a motor build. Got it tuned and it ran flawlessly for 19 months of daily driving, approximately 23,000 miles. Buttery smooth boost delivery even with a larger turbo. Out of the blue it died completely and it sent me down the troubleshooting black hole. Car would only make about 6lbs of boost with a bpt 20g, no CEL or any other obvious issues. Eventually figured out the ebcs was dead and popped in a new one. All boost issues were resolved and I'm back to normal. Sucks that the warranty on this ebcs is only one year from cobb, but after a lot of searching on forums I could not find a single thread that mentioned a failed aftermarket ebcs. That being said I am sure that I am one of the very few that have run into one failing.
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COBB Tuning 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid (Part Number: )