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Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve - Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004+ / Forester XT 2006-2008

MODEL # TBS TS-0205-1015
Manufacturer Part # TS-0205-1015


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The Turbosmart Dual Port valve is a hybrid-type BOV offering three BOVs in one. The Dual Port can be configured to vent to the atmosphere, back into the air intake or both! Plumb Back system for quiet, road-compliant operation, Supersonic for the race track, or Dual Port for the best of both worlds. Features a twist top design to allow for quick fine tuning of the valve.
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Brand: Turbosmart
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Blue
Design: Piston
Includes Gasket(s): Yes
OEM Replacement: Yes
QTY: 1
Valve Type: Hybrid or Recirculating

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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Verified Purchase

Amazing Blow off valve!
Chris K. 3 months ago
Purchased this because my HKS failed me. I was recommended this BOV by my tuner/mechanic, and I wasn't dissapointed. BUT for those who want to go full recirc, I had trouble figuring out how to do it. It comes with a block off plate and you just have to unscrew the port where your recirc house would go to and you would use the plate to make it full recirc. The install was pretty straight foward and only took me 5 minutes.

How to know?
Question 2 years ago
I have 2016 STI and I just bought a turbosmart dual port bov, my question is, how I know my BOV it's 50/50? thank

Easy Install...Sounds Amazing
15SWPSTI 3 years ago
Previously owned a 2010 WRX...Turbosmart has always been an easy install and the product sounds amazing. Highly recommended.
Verified Purchase

great product!!!
sutytran0748046 3 years ago
had installed on my 15 sti. no need to tune if 50/50. it sounds great but it can be louder. I think it will be once i have the cobb intake install also.

looks good, performs great!
spiffy 3 years ago
holds 350whp no prob. 400whp shouldn't be a problem either for this beast of a valve. I have mine set to 50/50. When you are moving that much air, it doesn't matter much that some air vents to atmosphere. If do happen to start getting rich spikes, a plug was included with the package. very easy to adjust spring pressure. Easy to install. the hardest part was getting the damned screws out of the old bpv. Remember, PBlaster is your friend. :) PS Note that unless you plan on a 18G or larger turbo, stick with the smaller valve. ( Or you will end up like all the negative reviews for this product.

  • Q: 2002 wrx   Chris K. 4 months ago


    I’m running this bov fully atmospheric, and I seem to be getting turbo flutter when I let go of the flutter. The flutter comes first then I hear the bov. I am tuned for VTA. I wanted to know if there was a way to fix it

    • A: Some flutter is common with any atmospheric setup. However, you do have spring adjustment with this valve which should also help reduce any flutter.

      Brady R 4 months ago
  • Q: 2011 Sti  Adamdumas1300091 2 years ago


    Was wondering how to run the 50/50 seeing as I have the sti I don't want to make it non recirculating because of the maf sensor. Please help

    • A: It can be configured in 4 different ways (fully re-circulating like stock, 50/50 out of the box, single trumpet fully VTA or dual trumpet VTA for max flow and max sound).

      Chris W. 2 years ago
  • Q: BOV noise  SamShrubber 2 years ago


    Will this BOV always hiss or is it capable fluttering? If so how will i be able to achieve that? If not which duel port BOV would you recommend for the fluttering sound?

    • A: Turbo flutter occurs when the turbo has excess pressure not released and causing it to spin backwards. This is very bad for the turbo, and as cool as the "flutter" sounds its not a something you want. There is not a specific blow off valve that causes that sound, this is a good BOV that will allow you to maximize performance and reduce chances of flutter.

      Trevor C. 2 years ago
  • Q: Horsepower gain.  Kyle225 3 years ago


    when installing this BOV, do you gain any horsepower?

    • A: A BOV will not add HP. But, you should see quicker response between shifts and build boost sooner.

      Brady R. 3 years ago
    • A: Horsepower is not gained with a blowoff valve typically, but better response and the ability to hold up to higher boost levels is an advantage over the stock unit.

      Nick S. 3 years ago
  • Q: Warranty  Kyle225 3 years ago


    Will this void a factory warranty? I was watching the installation video on the 2015 is it the same for the 2014? if so, the piece you take off in front of the intercooler, what is that for?

    • A: It is best to check with your dealer to see what issues this may have with a warranty. The breather line removed from the intercooler is a breather for the head, it is simply replaced with a rubber hose to help the valve fit better.

      Nick S. 3 years ago