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GReddy FV Blow Off Valve ( Part Number:GRE 11561210)

GReddy FV Blow Off Valve - Subaru STI 2008-2014

MODEL # GRE 11561210
Manufacturer Part # 11561210


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GReddy is proud to introduce a new generation of "Push Type Blow Off Valve", the GReddy BOV FV. The "FV" stand for Floating Valve, and it is this breakthrough in design that produces quicker valve response, increased valve travel, and improved resistance to premature valve lift and boost leak. The unique floating valve design incorporates a revised adjustable dual spring system and diaphragm ventilation, while maintaining the advantages of the previous model's push valve structure and heat resistant silicone diaphragm and valve ratio. This allows the springs and diaphragm to better control the valve and boost. By relocating one spring under and keeping one over the diaphragm, it makes the need for spring pre-load less dependent on idle and light boost situations and more on keeping the valve closed under boost. The result is our best performing GReddy Blow-off Valve yet! Another improvement includes an adjustable, sliding top hat, to adjust the hose fitting location, without complete dis-assembly. The FV also keeps its overall mounting and outlet dimensions, which means it is compatible with the industry standard two-bolt GReddy BOV flange and can easily replace existing Type RS & RZ applications, as well as use the same optional RS and RZ outlet adapters.
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Brand: Greddy
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Black Chrome / Blue
Design: Diaphragm
Includes Gasket(s): Yes
OEM Replacement: Yes
QTY: 1
Valve Type: Hybrid

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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This product has no user uploaded media. You can upload your photo or video of your install by posting a review. Reviews:

  • Q: TUNE  Vlad 11 months ago


    2013 STI stock setup will it need a tune since it can go both atmospheric and recirculating? any leak or backfire?

    • A: You will not need a tune for this and you may back fire depending on your AFR's.

      Tyler A. 11 months ago
    • A: How can you control the AFR? Backfiring is not quite what I want

      Vlad 11 months ago
    • A: Backfire happens when it is in atmospheric mode. It's a MAF based setup, so when the BOV vents to atmosphere, that air mass that has left the system is not known by the ECU. AFR runs rich and backfires. O2 sensor tells ECU "not enough O2" and tries to dial back fuel, but the MAF sensor tells ECU soon after, "why dial back fuel? we have the normal amount of air mass coming in." So it hunts for stoichiometric and gets there until the next time it vents to atmosphere again. If you don't want backfire, use it on 100% recirculation mode. It should only be venting to atmosphere if the system has been converted and tuned for speed density.

      gmhl10 6 days ago
  • Q: Fitment  ready_2_rumble 2 years ago


    Can this also fit 2007 sti intercoolers?

    • A: The flange is different on the 2007 and older and this will not fit. This is designed for the 2008+ STI.

      Brady R 2 years ago
  • Q: BOV  Rotation 4 years ago


    will this bov need to see pro tuner for 2013 sti

    • A: Tune is not required.

      Kyle A. 4 years ago
  • Q: BOV  blakesta114 4 years ago


    Will this BOV fit a 2015 STI?

    • A: We can only confirm fitment for 2008-2014 STI models. But, this should work for the 2015 STI model as well.

      Brady R. 4 years ago
  • Q: Hood Clearance?  gmhl10 4 years ago


    I have a Process West TMIC. Would you happen to know if there is proper hood clearance or if it hits?