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COBB Tuning XLE Bypass Valve

MODEL # COB712660


  • Q: Gauge hook up  Subie Al8 months ago

    Hello i am new to WRX and will like to know if i can hook up my boost gauge in my dash to read my boost PSI? I have a blow off valve now and there is a line that runs to it to read my boost. Will it hook up the same way? Thanks!
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      A:  If you require assistance with installs it would be best to chat in with us and we can help!

      Devan M. @ RallySport Direct 8 months ago  
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  • Q: Tune  rearc7094197241 year ago

    I have the Cobb stage 1 map flashed for my 08 sti, will I need to re tune for this?
  • Q: Is this one different?  sk8erfourlife182948771 year ago

    I remember this one being a hybrid or did cobb stop making them a hybrid?
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      A:  This valve is a fully recirculating valve. At this time, Cobb does not offer a hybrid valve.

      Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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  • Q: Difference  capilarybinkie3 years ago

    I noticed, and I'm assuming the older ones just say tuned by Cobb on them, and this says XLE. Is there a difference with this newer version? Also just to clarify, this set on fully recirculating has no downside to a cars performance or anything? Is there a specific way the spring should be set?
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      A:  Recirculating by pass valves will not have any downside to your car performance and you might need to adjust the spring using the adjustment on the top of the bypass valve.

      Chris W. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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