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COBB Tuning Blow Off Valve

Part #: COB 712650


Brand: COBB Tuning
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Black
Design: Piston
Includes Gasket(s): No
OEM Replacement: Yes
QTY: 1
Valve Type: Recirculating

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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The Cobb tuning Blow Off Valve which is also a hybrid valve. Hybrid blow off valves come in 3 different valve configurations.  You have fully recirculating where you utilize the provided elbow off the blow off valve where it recirculates back into the intake.  The second option is fully atmospheric which is going to give you the loudest sound, however the air does not get recirculated back into the intake, and the ECU will think the air is provided which will create a slight rich condition in between shifts.

The Hybrid option gives you a 50/50 valve.  50% vents back into the atmosphere, while the other 50% gets recirculated back into the intake. You can remove the flange plate on the rear to make that happen. 

Compared to stock, the Cobb Tuning Blow Off valve has been crafted out of high grade anodized aluminum, and overall is a better upgrade than the OEM unit whether if your supporting more boost, or if you’re stock.  The design is close to stock compared to other blow off valves as well. Overall, you will be satisfied with the Cobb Tuning Blow Off Valve.


Verified Purchase

Light and snappy bpv
dszydel68328 2 years ago
I am stage 2 with stock turbo at 20 psi. I noticed I was only peaking 19 psi on some pulls so I ordered a go fast bits bpv. It was too heavy and I had flutter at low boost so I ordered the lighter cob piece. Super easy to install because it's 2 screws and a hose, without putting the stock nose back on. It's pretty much ready to go out of the box. I gave it 2 turns to the right to tighten up the spring a big. Vents between 2 psi and 20, holds all my boost and sounds fantastic. Obviously another great product from cobb

Not over the top!
Stevend21860717 2 years ago
Recently built my forester XT, and wanted a stock look and sound. this BOV kept the car subtle, but still gave just enough boosh to know it wasn't stock if i wanted to let people know.

Holds up 21 pounds and wants more.
Luis Pelaez 3 years ago
This valve is absolutely amazing. Installed it a month ago. I come from a WRX with the COBB BPV. And now I own an STI. Let me tell you that the stock BPV won't handle 21 psi like this COBB one. After I installed it boost felt smooth and recirculating sound was improved from stock. Now on 100:100 sounds like if it was 50:50. Perfect sound, fitment and result. Thanks RSD you guys sell nothing but the best.

Worth Every Penny!
jax2014 3 years ago
Super easy to install, includes everything you need except a gasket. Eliminates boost lag and sounds great overall! Definitely worth every penny (&the processing and shipping is fast too!)

Cobb quality
awangard.motors35013 3 years ago
Using it with FMIC setup , with 100% recirc mode - holds solid 27psi. Good product

  • Q: Cobb XLE BOV adjustments  The angry badger 11 months ago


    I recently bought a cobb xle bov for an 08 wrx sedan. I have an cobb sf cold intake installed, so my question is i been hearing the bov can be recirculating, 50/50, and something else. So how to i change my bov to those settings and which one would be the best for my car. Also so i need to adjust the allen screw on top?

    • A: The Hybrid option gives you a 50/50 valve. 50% vents back into the atmosphere, while the other 50% gets recirculated back into the intake. You can remove the flange plate on the rear to make that happen.

      Jared A. 11 months ago
  • Q: backfires with no tune  bjg9223949 2 years ago


    if i have a 2012 stock wrx and i put this BOV on without a tune or anything and make it 50/50 will it cause any type of back firing or anything?? i guess basically im wondering if i put it on a stock engine with 50/50 so i can get some noise from it, will it cause a back fire or any other problems?? thank you!!

    • A: 50/50 BOVs on Subarus usually cause some backfiring, but it should be minimal with this valve, and backfiring generally does not hurt anything.

      Zach G. 2 years ago
  • Q: After installing bpv  ronmaliksi00273886 2 years ago


    After installing the cobb bpv, would I have to reflash the ECU? Noob question... Thanks RSD!

    • A: Tuning is not required for BOV's, so you will be just fine to bolt this right up!

      Brady R 2 years ago
  • Q: 02 WRX wagon  Connor5 2 years ago


    I bet you get these questions alot but I see you say you dont need a tune for this BOV which is confusing cause people always say you do if you get a BOV, but do you really need a upgraded turbo for this or can you run it on a Stock Turbo, and will it give me that Mad BOV sound? Cause honestly thats all im going for lol.

    • A: A blowoff valve can be used on a stock turbocharger. This is a recirculating blowoff valve in original form and will be almost silent, but if you were to remove the atmospheric backing plate you will see a bit of noise when venting to atmosphere. If sound is the priority something like the Go Fast Bits or Turbosmart valve may be the better option.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: 15Sti  RC_1989 2 years ago


    Sorry about this noob question. So do I need to tune my car first to install this BOV ,or I can just install it with out any tune ? And will it have bad effect with my tomei catback?

    • A: Tuning is not required for a BOV and there should be no issues with your Tomei Catback Exhaust.

      Brady R. 2 years ago