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Stoptech ST-60 Trophy Style Front Big Brake Kit

MODEL # STP 83.838.6700.R1


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Stoptech ST-60 Trophy Style Front Big Brake Kit ( Part Number: 83.838.6700.R1)
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Trophy review. 5 years ago
5out of 5stars

Perplexed I am sitting here during the review wondering why I purchased some brakes that are essentially worth more than my car? Dude yer factory Brembos would have been fine! The same people who tell me these things are a glowing advertisement for monster energy drink, extreme, and sticker bombed ebay front bumper lip. What they don't know, is that this overcompensating Asian behind the computer brakes really late because I can hardly see through my natural squint. But don't judge, I can still hit any target from 5 feet away with a ninja star. But one thing I don't understand, is this is supposed to be the bad boy line from Stoptech. Yet, they send you a set of posi quiet pads. What's that about? I buy a pair of Jordans and they have no shoe laces WHAT?? What really bothers me right now is my co-worker who sits behind me is from Bosnia or Germany or something. I just watched Die-Hard for the first time last night, so I am a little sensitive and get concerned when I hear his accent. I love how Carl Winslow was the cop in that movie too. Overall I am pretty happy with the brakes. I plan on sticker ombing the calipers and plasti dipping the rotors so I can fit in with 90& of the local subie guys. Fire shall ensure.
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Stoptech ST-60 Trophy Style Front Big Brake Kit (Part Number: )