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Whiteline Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit




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If you've lowered your car, pick these up.
BananaSammiches 3 months ago
Everything the description says about this product is true. I bought this kit for my 2006 WRX wagon equipped with ISC N1 street sport coilovers, and even though I only dropped my car about an inch or so, it made a noticeable difference in overall driveability versus the OEM tie rod ends and ball joints. Install was very straightforward, I did it in my driveway with my car on jack stands. However, just know that if you have an older WRX this will be a very tedious install. After so many years the ball joints will become seized into the hubs and lower control arms and are difficult to remove. I had to completely take my LCAs off in order to knock the old joints out. All in all, I am happy with this purchase, and the performance so far is definitely worth the time and effort. If you're upgrading your suspension, don't overlook this kit.

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White line roll center kit
Phantom Pearl 6 months ago
I bought this product because I was having interference from my sway links and my tie rods. Not knowing that it would be better than I expected. Between the roll center kit and the Perrin end links, the whole dynamic of my car changed. I thank whiteline for putting out such a quality Product definitely will be leaning on their brand more often.

Best replacement to fix your front suspension geometry
Baggedwagon03 1 year ago
2003 WRX Bagged wagon, this product has held up greatly to the abuse of lowering and raising and i highly recommend to any one who is lowering the suspension. Makes the alignment very easy.

A must if you're working on the front end
Gregan 1 year ago
Disassembling these pieces is not really for the feint of heart. Years of rust and wear means the stock ball joints and tie rods have seen lots of abuse, so if you ever are in the case where it comes out (wheel bearing, steering rack, etc) do yourself a favor and throw these on. They look amazing, correct a lowered geometry, and supposedly even benefit a stock car. They fit perfectly, quality hardware.


biggiepat 2 years ago
Bought this since my ball joints were on their way out anyways. Had my shop install this on my 09 XT which is lowered on the older .8" Swift springs. It has helped correct the alignment. Recommended for all lowered SH's.
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Crucial piece
tylertc 2 years ago
Crucial for alignment. Please be sure to add this cost to your total when looking to do coilovers especially. Great quality as usual from Whiteline.

guest55fa598b4ea8c3cb2b8b459f 2 years ago
This product is very good for after low down

Installed on 2009 Subaru Forester XT w/ 08 STi suspension
sdesignm86888 3 years ago
Keeping in mind that my old ball joints and tie rods were on their way out.. this made a noticeable difference in body roll and over all stability of the Forester. I am on 08 STi takeoffs so I am over 3 lower than stock. This mods is paired with whiteline solid end links and 25mm front sway bar. The Forester now out handles a stock STi!

Excellent product. Love the build quality.
NavinP 3 years ago
Now running coilovers, so I'm a bit lowered. These were a breeze to install and I love the build quality. I can't judge the improvements it made over stock cause I changed to coilovers the day before. But steering effort was less over the one day I drove the car. But I had no alignment done there again so I can't make a good judgement. Now with all alignment and everything settled the car drives smooth, turn in is improved Great product! Best there is. Will love to buy again!

Looks COOL but doesn't feel much different from stock
Rex-N-Efx 3 years ago
To be honest, I do not feel a difference. Very easy install but wish I could buy the ball joints and tie rod separately. Fyi... I have an 06 wrx and do NOT forget to remove the conical washer/bushing (steel) off the old ball joints!!! I've noticed many DIY sites/forums don't ever mention it!!!

must have
johnbuko 4 years ago
The first thing I noticed after installing my coil overs was the bump steer. Very annoying. This kit took care of the problem and these are quality parts. As said before get replacement bolts for the ball joints. I had to drill one of them out of the knuckle when it broke and the other was so pitted I would not have felt comfortable reusing it.
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More Whiteline Quality
ras.mail86821 4 years ago
Beautifully designed and manufactured to the highest standard. Easy installation with a low mileage rust free car. Otherwise, a pneumatic hammer and a calm demeanor may be required.
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2008 STi
JamesG 4 years ago
I purchased these tie rod ends along with a few other alignment parts. Absolutely beautiful to look at and easy to adjust. They do what they say and correct the front suspension geometry on lowered cars. Feel much tighter in the corners. I combined these with BC Racing coil-overs. With the right tools, install was straightforward. Alignment definitely required after install.
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Unfaithful. The roll center kit.
guest56a7ed912a8d25e1758c0238 4 years ago
My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months now. But lately she had been distancing herself. She got a job as a bartender at a local night club. This is when things started going down hill. She wouldn't get home until 3, sometimes 4 in the morning. And to add to it, she was getting rides home from random dudes. When she had her nights off, she didn't feel like going out anymore. She'd sit at the end of the couch constantly texting someone. I didn't know whom. So one night after working on my STI. I figured I would work on it all night and try to catch her in the act. So I left the garage door open and turned the lights off as I hid behind a stack of boxes. And right then and there, they pulled into the driveway. And low and behold, his headlights lit up my car. It was then I realized how bad my camber was off. It was also then, where I realized I needed a roll center kit. I chose the whiteline kit for the car. Install took about half hour. Overall I am happier then I have ever been.
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2013 STi
Colby C 4 years ago
This product is great, high quality and great packaging. The included directions were lacking though, had to find some how-to videos on YouTube to help with the install. The first side took close to 2 hours, however once I figured out the easiest way of doing it, the other side took only 30 minutes. My car is bagged and the front end skated around pretty bad before but after installing the Whiteline KCA 313 roll center kit it feels much more stable and much closer to factory specs. Overall pretty headache free with a huge improvement in front end stability, highly recommended.
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2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT
ROB05GT 4 years ago
Awesome!!! The ride is great, easy to install. Great product, good supporting modification for vehicles with more power.
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great product
lapinski59947 5 years ago
Fit great, application spot on excellent product
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Worth it!
12 GR Sedan wrb 5 years ago
All day long car feels so much tighter in the front end. Less felt body roll. I'm not saying there is less its just more linear. You don't get as much sharp body roll entering a corner.

High recommended if you upgrade you suspension
babyjonboy22 6 years ago
I got these installed along with my camber bolts and my alignment is in great shape....I
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B.Barnes 6 years ago
This kit made an impact on my cars ride and turn in. There is less initial body roll at high speed and the roll that remains is more linear. Also, the front end seems much more controlled during high speed cornering.

Worth the $ if you're lowered
thaduke2003 6 years ago
Straight-forward install, Whiteline quality, and a corrected roll center- everybody wins! They're not much more $ than the OE parts (if not cheaper), and they're by Whiteline, who don't make junk. The joints are noticably stiffer than OE in-hand, but no increase in NVH will be perceived- Mark W.

Good upgrade for the money
whight_knight09 6 years ago
I had these installed on my 2010 WRX. The steering is more responsive and the steering feel is improved. The parts survived winter well, no noticeable outside wear. I did not perceive an increase in NVH.
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Worth the moola
2011dgmwrx 6 years ago
I bought these when I bought my Tein coliovers. They were recommended when dropping the car to correct the geometry. I didn't drive the car after dropping it with out them but i can say the car steers and reacts great. This is one of many Whiteline products I have for my car and they make great products. I'd do it again if I had to do it over. It makes sense to do it right the first time and then get the alignment.
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If you are looking this, just buy it
guest55c7338ecaae52f46090ef0e 6 years ago
Installed mine couple of days ago. Single word "WOW" My car has apexi coilover along with other goodies. It appears front of the car takes bumps a bit softer or refined way(hard to explain, probly has to do with corrected control arms angle) than before. Steering feel is much improved. Hard to explain but whenever I give steering input, that very first moment of vagueness or mushyness is completely gone(I have steering rack bushings too which is another must item) and "crisp" like Todd A said. I can't wait to try them out in autox and winding roads. I honestly could not believe why I hesitated to get one! Another "bang for the bucks(if you look at the price of stock balljoints and tie rods, I think these are somewhat reasonably priced)" in terms of feel product. If you are looking this, don't think. Just buy it. You won't regret it.

Worth the money
whight_knight09 7 years ago
I had these on for about a year now. The end result was improved feel and quicker response in steering. Installed this on my car because it has been suggested to me by my tuner shop after the car has been lowered.
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Great addition for any vehicle
Todd A. 7 years ago
I finally added these to my setup when I did my inner tie rods and wow what difference! The steering, alignment, and reactiveness of the entire set up is super crisp now. I can't wait to get back on the track to test these out.

Performance Suspension Must Have
Stephen B. 7 years ago
Excellent product and it does as advertised. Install of ball joints may be a bit of a pain if you live somewhere that causes excessive rust, but just use a quality penetrating agent and give it some time to do its job and you should have a smooth install. It comes with 4 new castle nuts and safety pins, but I recommend you order 2 new bolts from the dealer to fasten the ball joints. Besides the correction to your front geometry for reasonably lowered Subie's, it should also be mentioned that you get the benefit of quality new parts which it never hurts to replace on higher mileage cars as part of a suspension overhaul. The previous comment that this is not dramatic may be true for street driven cars, but for enthusiasts who put these cars through the paces, this is a must have mod that will be felt, but also significantly contributes to a properly selected after-market performance upgrade package.

A must if you are tracking
pugboy 2 years ago
I would like to share why the Whiteline roll center - bumpsteer - kit works because before using it, I felt the inside wheel picking up. Now she's planted to the ground! I've been tracking my beloved STi for a long time. Now upgraded in layers over several years like most. My primary goal for the suspension is to eliminate understeer and get the butt of the damn car to rotate! As my lap times are going down, I notice the inside front wheel picking up in quick turns. The inside wheel lifting adds some understeer back and is less precise because the rear wheels now have more grip. Upfront, I use a custom coilover setup, adjustable spherical end links, Perrin spherical lower control arm bushings with caster, and the Eibach sway bars. This Whiteline kit keeps the nose where it should be - parallel with the ground. If you track or autocross your Subie, you will be replacing the ball joints. Replace them with this kit which also has the tie rod ends. It truly makes a significant difference. My sole complaint, Whiteline needs to make these spherical. Come on Whiteline, at least offer them too!


mjfubar101 9 years ago
Good product although its not something you put on and say WOW what a difference. Plus I installed springs and sways at the same time so that was over powering the effects from this mod. Installation was a ok fitment was perfect.
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Great Ends, Lousy Boots
tempemail55c521c4caae529e2d8b456f 4 years ago
Background: 2005 WRX Wagon that is sitting on Tokico D-Specs, STI Springs, Aluminum LCAs, and WL Sways + Links. I took the car in for an alignment and the guys informed me that the nut was seized on the tie rod, and that my popping noise was from worn out ball joints. I decided it was time to do this install. Why WL: So far I have had great results with WL products. All the reviews I read have been great and the only negative was that it may not be the best option for a stock ride height car. I decided that, while close to stock, this would be my best option. Install: Install went great! Old components took some work to get off but in the end, these new parts fit flawlessly. Why 3 Stars: The boots on the ball joints are not the toughest I've seen. I had been warned by a friend who had his kit wear out in less than 20K miles and I felt maybe he was the odd one out. I had a boot rip during the install and from what I can tell there is no option to order a single ball joint or a new boot. I would have given this 4 stars but since there is no replacement option but to buy a new kit, I ended up just installing stock lower ball joints. Very aggravating... Would I buy again? Yes, but only if all parts needed to be changed again. Lastly I wound up installing the inner tie rods at the same time, I would highly recommend these be changed with these as mine were flopping all over the place. (No, WL does not make a replacement inner tie rod.)