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Nameless Performance Single Exit 3in Track Pipe



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Nameless Performance Single Exit 3in Track Pipe ( Part Number: RSPD035)
Nameless Track pipe on my 11'WRX hatch 10 months ago
5out of 5stars
Kev Blk11'WRX hatch
Prior to installing this I had a Cobb 3 inch single exit catback exhaust designed for the 08-10 WRX. The track pipe is slightly louder than the cobb 3 inch exhaust even with the smaller piping from the factory midpipe with resonator. I basically traded a muffler for a resonator and resonated cars sound better imo. The boxer rumble sounds better at lower rpms with the track pipe vs the cobb exhaust. The car sounds virtually the same at wide open throttle with both exhausts. The nameless track pipe is a no Brainer if you ask me, it saves weight, it sounds good, it's only $127 making it more affordable than any ebay exhaust and much higher quality and sound. Order this through RSD because I tried to order it from nameless directly and it was actually more expensive and they put me on a 85 day waiting list just to start building it. I originally had the dual Crawford axleback on my car prior to the cobb exhaust and it was louder but you can't beat price, quality, and weight savings of this track pipe. Update: I just installed the cobb catted downpipe and with this nameless track pipe it sounds even better!
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good sound for cheap! 7 years ago
5out of 5stars
gives in a minimal look with a huge weight saving! Love the sound with a stock exhaust, i would recommend a kartboy hanger to prevent a burn bumper.
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The exhaust system actually worth getting. 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
I purchased the 4 tip version through Nameless; my previous setup was a dual Invidia N1 cbe, and the volume and drone were getting old. Despite being a muffler delete, using the stock mid pipe actually makes this setup much quieter than the N1. Nevertheless, the track pipe's exhaust note is amazing, yet much more tolerable on highway drives exceeding 70 mph. No, this unit is not as sexy as the quad tip cbe or axlebacks, however performance/function wise this unit saves your vehicle 30 lbs. tl;dr: it's light, it rumbles, cost effective, infant and wife approved.
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Cheap, light noise 5 years ago
4out of 5stars
I had considered an axle back exhaust before, but the cost and lack of real performance gains had kind of turned me off. I just started autcrossing this year, and have found that it can be hard to hear what the engine was up to with the stock exhaust. I was impressed when I saw this bare-bones, lightweight alternative to muffled systems from Nameless. I have always thought the quad exhaust was a little silly on a car with a single midpipe, so seeing an inexpensive system that would reduce weight and complexity while allowing me to hear my engine checked all the boxes. RSD had the package to me up here in Alaska in less that a week. Installation was really easy, despite a couple corroded bolts. While the end is nicely deburred, it still sticks a couple inches beyond the factory exhaust garnishes. I'm planning on cutting it back a couple inches in the near future. The sound is really nice, with a throaty rumble. I may put the stock exhaust back on after the season is over as a courtesy to my neighbors, but nobody has mentioned it yet, so I may leave it on.
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Nice! Tho' ghetto-look 6 years ago
4out of 5stars
Try to find an axle-back that is cheaper and looks OEM, because this is what you'll get with this one. A basic pipe that deletes your muffler for one driver-side 3 inch pipe, and releases that glorious Subaru rumble. I did this on my own in about 30 minutes, using penetrating spray on the bolts, dishsoap on the hangers, and two 14mm ratchets; all without lifting my car. NOTE - on my 2013 hatchback, the pipe stuck out almost 2 inches from the bumper, so I had to saw and file the tip to look more flush.
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