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Crawford FMIC V2 Air Oil Separator Black

MODEL # CRAS0715-1


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Confirmed fitment for forester xt 07 5 years ago
5out of 5stars

install was not bad, only bad part was that i snapped the bolt that attaches throttle body to intake manifold. wish i torqued it. You have to take it off to install a allen screw into the manifold.
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Great product 7 years ago
4out of 5stars

I bought this AOS in an attempt to clean up a botched job with an existing catch can on somebody else's build that I purchased. I bought a 2004 Suabru wagon that has a 2005 STi drivetrain swapped in. It had a fresh, forged short block put in 3000 miles ago and the catch can was filling up completly with oil in 1000 miles. I knew that this was wrong cause a catch can should just catch oil vapor and not fill up completly in a short amount of time. I had never broken down the complicated PVC system of a Subaru until now. If the PVC system is working properly then don't mess with it unless you are really making some power. It is a complicated system that works and the first guy screwed it up. There are 2 breather ports per valve cover, a bypass under the throttle body, an electronic sensor that must remain connected, a breather on the top of the block, a Valve that vents under vacuum and closes under boost and something else I'm forgetting. This product is very thourough. It takes all ports except for the rear valve cover breathers and connects to this AOS. The directions are not the best and are online but with a little scrutinizing you can decipher which port is what. I am confident this AOS does it's job and then returns the oil back into the breather port on the top of the block. I recommend a AOS over a catch can any day. All the lines were included. Only clamps were included for the coolant lines and zip ties for all the breather lines. I bought a cheap package of clamps from Auto zone and clamped the other lines with them. If you don't buy an AOS leave the PVC system alone. And who wants to drain a catch can ever? Seriously?
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Not the best instructions  12 months ago
3out of 5stars

Bought this for my built sti project and am very impressed with the quality of components it came with but Crawfords instructions are terrible. It does not specify where some of the pieces go. For instance, it came with the metal Allen plug and a rubber cap for the pcv valve but don't tell you that you can use 1 or the other witch is kind of confusing. Also the pictures they show for the same AOS is a mixture of Fmic with rotated turbo and tmic and that's not how you should write instructions, I have a stock location dom 3 and it's almost impossible to get the crankcase breather "Y" to reach the AOS without kinking the hose. So if you have an aftermarket turbo, be prepared to buy extra hose and reroute some things. All in all it seems to be a great product, but for a company like Crawford they really skimped on the instructions, they need to rewrite them with step by step instructions on ONE VEHICLE haha not 2 with entirely different set ups. RSD should do a thorough walk-through for people that might not have much experience with something like this.
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