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Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator - Subaru STI 2008+
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Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator

Subaru STI 2008+

Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct is proud to carry the Crawford Performance V2 Air Oil Separator Kit. This particular kit will work with those of you equipped with either an aftermarket front mount intercooler setup to trap harmful oil vapors from entering your intake system. This is a great solution to the notorious boxer oiling system issues which can affect both the performance and the life of your engine.

Here are key features:

  • Not a catch can, closed loop and maintenance-free design
  • Consume less oil
  • Extend the life of your engine
  • Reduce detonation and risk of engine and ringland failure
  • Reduce fuel dilution and subsequent power loss
  • Product features:

  • Designed to work with front mount intercooler setups
  • Also designed for those equipped with a rotated turbo setup
  • Black powder-coated canister
  • Includes hoses, clamps, T-fittings, and zip ties to make the kit ready for the installation
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    Brand: Crawford
    Color: Black
    Hoses Included: Yes
    Installation Hardware Included: Yes
    Material: Aluminum
    Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
    Condition: New Product
    Return Policy:

    RallySport Guarantee - 30 Days

    Items that are covered under the RallySport Guarantee offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

    RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

    The RallySport Guarantee does not apply to products that have been modified, damaged, misused or abused. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number, and freight charges are strictly non-refundable. For more information regarding our freight refund policy, please refer to our return policy page found HERE.
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    Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator ( Part Number: S0713-1)
    Great mod. 2 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    After reading everything on the forum I decided I better do this as I have already paid to replace my motor twice. Wanted too go with a quality AOS without having to relocated my ecu. I bought it. It came in, wrapped up very nicely, after I installed it I had a leak. Make sure all the tubes are on tight and all the way, anyways I thought something was messed up. I found out a couple days later that it had a pencil hole on the bottom coolant connector. Thankfully rallysport put in a order with Crawford for an exchange and i.couldn't be more satisfied. Car runs amazing and after about 2 or 3 days you can really tell the difference. Install was a royal pain as is just about anything under the hood of a subaru. Recommended!
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    4out of 5stars

    Was this review helpful?
    Nice product if it fit my vehicle 3 years ago
    3out of 5stars

    Received this product is true RSD prompt shipping however upon receiving it discovered the product does not fit my vehicle. I live in Australia and drive a RHD STI which this product does not fit. The product itself is great and I wish I could use it but unfortunately it doesnt fit. Im a little disappointment that RSD didnt make me aware this wouldn't fit my vehicle. Im sure if it fit then its performance would be great but I will never know. Warning to RHD customers, this WILL NOT fit.
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    2015-2016 STI Owners beware! 4 years ago
    4out of 5stars

    The instructions were not for a 2015-2016. and do not, I repeat DO NOT put the intercooler back on BEFORE doing the coolant lines as stated in the instructions unless you want to remove/reinstall the intercooler twice. Another tip to get the boot from the intercooler back on the turbo would be to use a little oil on the lip of the boot and a right angle awl or screwdriver to CAREFULLY guide the boot over the turbo inlet. You don't want to damage the boot though and it helped the boot slip back on a great deal. Trying it about 5 times got the technique down and then doing it AGAIN to do the coolant lines I became a pro at it because as stated above, the instructions tell you to reinstall the intercooler and THEN do the coolant lines. There is an additional sensor towards the front of the engine on the 2015-2016 that needs to be plugged and zip tied like the one shown in the instructions. The plugs can be found at Home Depot in the hardware section. The Engine Sound Generator found on the 2015-2016 cannot be used with the AOS. You CAN plug the hole in the firewall with a plain black plug from Home Depot and I used a large white rubber cover for the bottom of a wooden furniture leg with a hose clamp on it for the hole on the intake tube. There are "kits" to delete the ESG that are more attractive and take the work of finding the right pieces at the hardware store but a week later my friend gave me his 2014 intake tube that does not have the opening built into it instead of the unsightly wooden furniture plug/hoseclamp set up because he has an aftermarket intake among other things. There are easily discovered threads on the web that show the older intake tube part number and the black Home Depot plug looks nondescript in the firewall. No leaks and no detection of any malfunctions. Seems to be working fine.
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    Great product 6 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    Bought this and installed in a RHD still able to fit to strut tower without a problem. Had to buy more hose and I bought more hose clamps too. But the install was easy, was able to follow the instructions to find the hose locations. This aos is top quality very well built, removed all oil from the intake system. I was getting a pool of oil in the intake manifold, and could pour it out of the intercooler, the car was blowing smoke on start up and it only had 7000km on the clock. Now no more smoke and no pooling oil in intake.
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    • Q: E-85  Teewilkisubie 2 years ago

      how well does this hold up to E85?
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  As this does not come in to contact with the fuel system this AOS will function perfectly on a vehicle running E85.

        Jared A. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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    • Q: Tuning required?  '16 sti3 years ago

      Is tuning required to install this on a '16 sti?
    • Q: Crawford AOS  tyreesematthews4 years ago

      can this TMIC AOS be converted at a FMIC AOS at a later time? just by purchasing new hose etc??
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  No, these kits are not convertible to different intercooler setups. A new kit would need to be purchased when going with a FMIC.

        Josh P. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  If you are planning on keeping the turbo at the OEM location, the can will remain the same, and you would just need a new install kit. You can contact Crawford directly for this. If you go with a rotated turbo setup at the same time you change to a FMIC, then at that point the kit is entirely different.

        Crawford Performance @
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    • Q: fitment  dlastinger22235555 years ago

      Are there any fitment issues on this product with a perrin strut bar for a 2008 STi Hatchback?
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  You shouldnt see any fitment issues, but we have not tested that exact setup with the Crawford AOS. You may need extra hose and hose clamps.

        Josh P. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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    • Q: Turbo Inlet Line  5 years ago

      I am almost done with the install, frustratedly scratching my head here. The large, 5/8 line used to connect from the top of the AOS to the Turbo inlet is to big to seal onto my Perrin turbo inlet. What is really concerning me is I am not able to find anyone online who is experiencing similar fitment issues. Is the stock hose that connected here a larger diameter on the 2008-2014 models or what is going on? It seems like if I just zip tie the line as the instructions call for I would have a major post MAF leak, the stock hose I removed from this fitting, which was sized properly to fit snug is only 1/2 inch. I am going to attempt to either stretch a 1/2 line onto the fitting on the AOS or put on a 5/8-1/2 adapter to get the line sealed on the inlet, but this seems like a huge oversight in the design and I can't believe I am the only one who has run into this issue. I am certain I am using the correct hose to make this connection and interpreting Crawford's instructions correctly.
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  The Perrin inlet replaces the stock 5/8 fitting with a 1/2 fitting, and that is why the hose is not fitting tightly. You can try stretching a 1/2 hose onto the AOS, or use a 1/2 to 5/8 adapter.

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