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Crawford TMIC V3 Air Oil Separator Black



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Easy Install 7 months ago
Everything was as described. Instructions were super straight forward. Only problem I ran into were some fitment issues due to having different fuel rails and injectors but it’s nothing a little bit of grinding couldn’t fix. Would recommend
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2008 STI Crawford AOS V3 11 months ago
I am happy with this AOS. The Crawford installation directions were easy to follow and the video was also helpful. Mounting this AOS on to the air intake manifold next to the turbo is a very tight spot. I recommend taking off the turbo heat shield and unbolting the waste gate to swing out of the way, this will give you the space needed to use a ratchet. Also, don't over tighten when screwing into aluminum, use blue loctite and make bolts snug. Some of the other AOS are hose monsters. I like how this AOS just has 4 ports and hose lengths are not too long. I would recommend this AOS.
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2017 STi 11 months ago
I bought this for my 2017 STi. The hose clamps in my 2017 STi are different than the video/directions and significantly more difficult to remove. I highly recommend using hose remover pliers for the hose clamps. A ratcheting box end wrench is needed to mount the AOS to the fuel injector covers. Overall, the AOS is well built, however the installation was unnecessarily difficult due to a poor mounting location, the directions were incomplete/inaccurate for 2017 models, and Crawford was unresponsive to my questions regarding installing the AOS on a 2017 model. Hence my rating of 3 stars. Pros: The AOS appears to be well built with high quality welds. There were no noticeable changes to the way the engine runs after the installation; which is a good thing; i.e. no check engine light or problems. The extra hose clamps, stickers, and license plate frame were a nice touch. Cons: The instructions for the 2015 STi aren’t accurate for the 2017. If you plan on installing this on a 2017+ STi, recommend reading this: The mounting location of the AOS sucks. Access to the mounting bolts are extremely tight. A better solution would have been to mount the AOS to the adjacent sound generator mount, especially since the sound generator is removed as part of the AOS installation. Also, the provided intake plug (to fill the hole in the intake tube after removing the sound generator) looks nothing like the one in the video. It's a cheap piece of plastic that was crushed by the stock clamp and being squeezed out of the intake tube...which would allow air into the intake tract downstream of the airbox and the mass airflow sensor. Will be purchasing a sound generator delete kit. Other thoughts: I use my car as a daily driver. Although my car only had 2,000 miles at the time of installation, there wasn’t any oil in the intercooler when I removed it. Overall, I’m happy that I installed the AOS for peace of mind. However, if I had to do it over again, I would buy a AOS that is easier to install, especially since oil doesn’t appear to be a problem.
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