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GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator

MODEL # GRM 078016


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GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator ( Part Number: 078016)
GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator ( Part Number: 078016)
GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator ( Part Number: 078016)
great product 1 year ago
Chose this because of the stealthy look inside engine bay. Works great. No more oil in the intake tube!
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Awesome 4 years ago
Product show up fast. Install way easy. A must for wrx. Thx rsd
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Great Product 5 years ago
Like this product, looks great, and it could be just me, but motor seems to run a little bit smoother than before. Install took over 3 hours though, ensuring every connection was the proper one. Had to use two different resources to complete the job, used a 2008 WRX install Youtube video and the Grimmspeed PDF.....used the video primarily until about 3/4 of the way in, then used the PDF to finish the job. Took my time, swapping oil routing hoses to the engine block is NOT something to rush. But, glad I got it installed, no CELs afterward, engine running like a champ, 2014 WRX.
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Works perfectly! 5 years ago
Almost 8 months later and my turbo side is DRY! Works just as stated!
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AOS 5 years ago
Another quailty product from GrimmSpeed. Not a drop of oil in intercooler since install.
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2011 wrx, stage 2+ 6 years ago
I would recommend this product for stock or anyone adding more boost. It kept my intake and throttle hose clean from oil. Like someone else mention. You'll need a 1.5 to 1.5 adapter from any hardware store before you begin. After that, it's easy to install for a novice. Great fit and finish.
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great upgrade 7 years ago
Before installing this kit, I would notice oil in the intercooler as well as the throttle body hose when they were removed. After this was installed, car felt better an everything was dry as a bone when I remove the same pieces after the install. The Grimmspeed install video was very helpful, however if you have a 09+ the last part of the install is different. If you go on grimmspeed's website they post pictures for 09+ wrx's. The pics were very helpful and made install a sinch. Great quality, I highly recomend this peice for somone looking for a nice upgrade. RSD rocks!!
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Better Instructions Needed 7 years ago
The Air/Oil separator works fine, but the youtube video is outdated for the newer WRX models. Some things have changed from 2008 to 2011 WRX models. It would be nice if the video showed step by step instructions on how to install it. Also, I highly recommend paying the extra money and using UPS as opposed to USPS because I had to wait 2 weeks to receive my items with USPS.
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2011 WRX 7 years ago
I got this kit for my 2011 wrx. I followed the youtube vid grimmspeed made and the part around the PCV valve is different from 08 wrx's to 09+ wrx's. It requires a 1/2in to 1/2in connector that didnt come in the kit. Quality kit though.
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great product but... 3 years ago
got this AOS for my birthday and finally got the chance to install it. while installing it and looking through the install manual and videos. definitely would not recommend following it to the tee... if you have a 2011-2014 wrx. instructions made no sense for the system to breath properly. if you look at all the components they are plugging up and how the system is suppose to work, it makes not sense. do follow the first few instructions (taking off the intercooler). disconnect the left cylinder head vent hose and connect it to the T spliter provided. cut a small hose and connect the T back to the white connector that you just disconnected, and the last T goes to the AOS on the most outer. dont disconnect the right side hose in front of the turbo cause that hose actually goes all the way to the white connector you disconnected and connected to the T splitter. you do not need to disconnect the connector behind the intake manifold, but you do need to disconnect the hose under the intake manifold off the black connector but DO NOT PLUG up the hose. instead of plugging it you will need to route a hose from the AOS middle connection to that hose. this hose goes to your intake system (suppose to be clean air coming from the AOS). on the black connector that you disconnected from the intake hose under the intake manifold, you will want to pivot it upwards or towards the firewall. connect the hose to the black connector and route it to the last port on the AOS. then you button it up.
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GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator (Part Number: )