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PERRIN Inlet Hose Black



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Fits 3 years ago
4out of 5stars

Not sure of how big a performance bump this gives if any. Didn't really notice anything with the butt dyno, so any gains went unnoticed even combined with a K&N. Reading the forums, you're better off (best bang for the buck) doing this, as opposed to a full intake kit. One thing I did notice, is, it is quieter in the cab when getting on the throttle. Any other time, is pretty much the same volume inside. Lastly, the install. So the clamps they come with, are just BARELY big enough (no room left on the band) to fit over the hose, and made installing the hose ends a bigger pain than necessary. I'm not sure if you could even get them to tighten or fit. I didn't even bother. I had some extra bigger hose clamps from my OEM WRX intake, and used those to fit the hose. The worm gear clamp on the OEM BRZ intake would fit too, as I'm sure the other clamp on the OEM intake would as well. Be careful before calling it done on install as well. I believe the instructions also call it out, but if you don't use those, you need to make sure it isn't touching the serpentine belt. It comes pretty close.
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