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AEM UEGO Wideband Controller 4.9LSU AFR Gauge

MODEL # AEM 30-4110


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AEM UEGO Wideband Controller 4.9LSU AFR Gauge ( Part Number: 30-4110)
AEM UEGO Wideband Controller 4.9LSU AFR Gauge ( Part Number: 30-4110)
Simple Install 1 year ago
Like others have said, it's easy to install. It took a little thinking to get it through the firewall, but once I found a spot I liked it was super easy. Next was how to wire it. I've got an 05 sti so I popped off the center dash clock and spliced into the wires there. I did have to look on the forums to find out which wires to use (blue and yellow to AEM red and black to AEM black). That took me all of 5 minutes at most to find. I've got it mounted with a cheap mount temporarily while I tune, I'll find a more permanent solution later. Like others have said, in order to use RomRaider or other open source tuning solutions you will need to build a cable. instructions are easy enough and parts are cheap. It would have been nice if it included the serial cable connector so I could have done the whole thing in one night. 10/10, would buy another if I had another car to put it in.
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AEM AFR Gauge 1 year ago
Jackson Sadler
Extremely high quality, reads accurate, and is very solid. Easy to read, and the installation takes some brain to figure out how to wire it were none are showing. (If your picky like me) Really happy with it. (:
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Get what you pay for 3 years ago
Great gauge tested against other gauges very accurate swapped for black background and cover easy to install and came with everything needed
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Wideband 3 years ago
Great gauge works very well, the display is very easy to read. Only hard part on install is getting through the firewall.
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Great gauge Easy install 4 years ago
Just like the title says. Gauge performs flawlessly so far and i have connected to a serial cable and converter to log to accesstuner race. Matches stock gauge cluster color and dimness at night. I am extremely happy with this setup on my dash
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AEM EUGO Wideband AFR Gauge 1 year ago
Only issue with this was where mount the sensor. Some sources say up front, AEM says 32" back which would require adding a bung. Went with tuner recommendation up front. Seems to be fine.
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Works as intended 3 years ago
I have been running a innovate Lc1 for the last three years and finally got fed up with it breaking or freaking specially on tune days. So I went with the Aem Uego 4.9. The install was stupid easy. Power and ground that is all you need to do to get her running. Obviously you need a bung welded in your down pipe for the sensor, but still stupid easy. Only issue I have seem to run into is that I get a high pitched whine noise from Uego when I start the car. Might have to do with my wiring or the proximity of the wiring I'll deal with it till I get some time to go over everything. Pros: Looks good I can see the gauge in direct sunlight Responsive Cons: High pitch whine You need to build a logging cable to monitor afrs through the access race tuner or OS software(RomRaider)
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Not impressed 1 year ago
When I bought this gauge i expected quality for the money i paid but i was disappointed. The gauge feels cheap and made of plastic.
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AEM UEGO Wideband Controller 4.9LSU AFR Gauge (Part Number: )
AEM UEGO Wideband Controller 4.9LSU AFR Gauge (Part Number: )