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AEM UEGO X-Series Wideband Controller w/ Gauge Kit

MODEL # AEI30-0300


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Easy Install 04 WRX 10 months ago
5out of 5stars

Love this gauge. It was an easy install and keeps my engine safe.
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wish i would have bought sooner 11 months ago
5out of 5stars

i had been putting off getting a wideband due to thinking install would be complicated but i finally jumped the gun. THIS IS BY FAR THE EASIEST THING I HAVE EVER INSTALLED. If you plan to run the gauge standalone ( not hooking up to any aftermarket ecu/tuner) you literally just need 12v power and ground, pop the sensor in, snake some wires, and your set. looks quality, and works amazing, i highly recommend this to anyone considering a wideband, super easy install and mad benefits of having one.
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Works as intended 6 months ago
3out of 5stars

Special thanks to RSD chat folks! They helped me get this and other items in promptly! If you're like most people and don't like paying lots of cash for dyno tuning sessions every time there's a car mod, this is a MUST have for your Subie. This will allow for good e-tuning, which is a good alternative to paying $600+ for a dyno tune session when all you're adding is an intake (for instance). I had mine professionally installed so it feeds AFR to the car's wiring harness, so it can be easily logged via Cobb Access Port (version 3 ONLY). Here's the link for the setup if anyone is curious or interested: This item is somewhat overpriced. There are other brands that have the same specs and lot cheaper. That being said, it comes with all hardware for the installation. Last, this gauge is NOT COMPATIBLE with the SMY ClusterMaker Dual Gauge Pod 52mm (SMY SMYCLSTR1). If you get this gauge, I strongly suggest getting a different gauge pod than SMY. The SMY is very popular because it looks OEM, but the MAJOR design flaw is that the only thing holding the wideband in place is a piece of rubber band!! It easily pops off because the way the AEM wideband is designed. I'm very unhappy about how mine fit (it looks great), BUT it continuously pops off as driving over bumpy roads because the only thing holding in place is a piece of rubber band.
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