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Eikosha Air Spencer AS Cartridge Grapefruit Air Freshener

MODEL # ASP59014


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So it really smells like grapefruit. 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

One thing I find disappointing about nature's candy. Is that for smelling so good, why does the grapefruit taste like so much poo? You see those people eating a half grapefruit with a spoon on T.V. and can't help but to wonder, do they really like the taste of poop? You would hope in our current day and age with all the global warming and cloning, that they could genetically make a grapefruit taste like a watermelon or something. Grapefruits taste like oven cleaner. At least in my experience. Oh well. At least they smell okay. And what's with squash? Does squash really have a scent? Because I know it doesn't have a taste. It's more of a filler than anything. Plus it has a funny shape more than anything else. Oh I am really curious on how it smells. Something to ponder over the fireplace on a cold winter night.
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