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Eikosha Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener



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Eikosha Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener ( Part Number: 400)
Good smell 3 months ago
The smell is very pleasant. I found with the cents half open them and isn't overbearing either.
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Best air freshener  10 months ago
Still my favorite air freshener to date. I've had these in my other vehicles. I will continue to use them as they smell great without being overwhelming. As well they last longer than most.
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Perfection 1 year ago
squash. enough said.
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Best Smelling Car 2 years ago

By far the best air fresheners made,I use 1 of these and 2 air Spencer's in my car and my friends are always commenting on how good my car smells, even though I work a dirty job...
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Great smell 3 years ago
Smells great! I've seen a lot of people try to say what it smells like and I think it smells like fruity pebbles ceral.
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Eikosha Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener 3 years ago
Smells so good with a cool case . Will buy from now on
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Bubblegum smell! 4 years ago
Jay Subie
Very good scent just like bubblegum and stays strong for a good month. Always get compliments of how my car smells! Great!
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Best 4 years ago
Better smelling and longer lasting than any of the knockoff squash I have tried, despite being half the size of some of the knockoffs.
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Great fragrance  4 years ago
Lived up to the hype, deffenetly not your generic air freshener. I didn't pick up on the gum smell like others have said I would say more of a yellow starburst either way great fragrance and cool case.
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Smells great 4 years ago
Smells like angels frolicking through a field of bubble gum.
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Awesome 4 years ago
Chris Ngo
No wonder why this is so popular. The smell is best described as bubblegum. Not overpowering which is what I wanted. Gonna get refills for sure!
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Best Air Freshner! 4 years ago
Smells great, lasts a decent amount of time. have it mounted (with velcro) to the hump on the back seat.
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oh my god 4 years ago
My car smells so amazing!!!
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oh my god 4 years ago
My car smells so amazing!!!
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Believe the Hype! 4 years ago
Smells GREAT! I am constantly getting compliments on this air freshener. In a way, it link of smells like big league chew bubble gum. But in a more masculine way (if that makes sense) In other words, this isn't some hello Kitty tuity fruity bubble gum scent. I can't speak to its longevity as I have only had it for a month, but I imagine if you use it like I did (vents closed for the first month) it sill smell great for a long time.
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Love it! 5 years ago
As described!!
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Sweet.. 5 years ago
Been on the fence about getting one of these and boy am i glad i did ! the smell is fabulous and stays very consistent .
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Eikosha Air Spencer 5 years ago
This is a simply amazing air freshener definitely worth the money ive had it for a month now and barely showed any signs of evaporation yet and smells amazing
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A must have!!! 5 years ago
This thing smells great!I can immediately smell it as soon as open the door.It makes driving a much more pleasant experience since I have this wonderful aroma in the air.
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MMMM Tasty 5 years ago
Smells great, has a bit of an orange smell. After I had one in my car, a family member stole my spare one they liked it so much.
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Fruity Pebbles 5 years ago
As the title suggests, It makes your car smell like Fruity Pebbles. So now my car smells good and I'm always hungry.
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Fresh  5 years ago
subi lover
I'm going to get one for each of my cars
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Great Smell! 6 years ago
The best air freshener I've used in a vehicle....period. It has an amazing scent and lasts longer than any others I've tried. You won't regret this purchase.
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Fruity pebbles! 6 years ago
To me this smells like fruity pebbles, its great and not to overwhelming. lasted almost 2 months on the lowest setting. just ordered a refill!
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Smells Great 6 years ago
Honestly i love this air freshener it smells a bit like a pack of orange trident gum lol idk how to explain it but everyone loves the smell :)
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air freshener 6 years ago
they may be a little on the spendy side, but don't let that make you shy away from this product. they work great and a lot better than alot of that other junk you can get at the big box stores. worth the money
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Its very very good 6 years ago
I love this scent, and I think it looks very cool. I put it in my driver door lower item holder, fits well, so far tape sticks. I keep the cartridge closed and the car smells so fresh! I am truly amazed. Also, I met the guys of Rallysportdirect at Subiefest 2012, believe me, they ROCK!!!
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Great product! 6 years ago
Got this awhile back, absolutely in LOVE! Only suggestion is to by one CS-X3 but more then 1 replacement! Switch them out every 2-4 weeks and wrap the others back up. It is INCREDIBLE. It's like a brand new air freshener every time! been working great with 2 refills for over 3 months now.
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Wow. 7 years ago
The smell is just amazing...Its refreshing every time I get in my subie. Well worth the $15.
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Eikosha Air Spencer 7 years ago
Turb0 here, Wow this is awesome. Mounted it behind the back seats above the trunk with the sticky tabs, this thing is awesome and stays fresh. Wanted to spend $15 more to get free shipping and hella glad I did!
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