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COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box

MODEL # COB 724150


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COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box ( Part Number: 724150)
Cobb Tuning Intake Box 3 months ago
At $135.00, its a little over the top, but it's pretty much worth it. Looks way better than an open filter, will get colder air, and all that. Install was simple, but it is a really tight fit. You gotta pull it a little bit to get all screws to fit.
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Good Quality 3 months ago
Great quality. Basically a necessity if you plan on installing the SF instake. Install isn't terrible but some of the bolts can be hard to reach.
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great addition 5 months ago
easy to install around my existing cobb short ram and looks great under the hood
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2009 subaru impreza wrx sti hatch 2 years ago
If your ever planning to get an intake system for your subaru impreza wrx sti i highly recommend the COBB tuning SF Intake with the air box. Install was okay not too hard. very clean intake system set up. if your the type that love to make your engine bay look clean and also get very good performance this intake is for you. you can hear the turbo spool up with this intake. make sure you get your car tuned afterwards!
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Must have with SF Intake 2 years ago
I ordered the Air Box after having the SF Intake installed for just over a year. It's a much better idea to buy the combo of the SF Intake and Air Box at the same time as the Air Box installation requires removal of the entire SF Intake system. Installation is pretty straight forward. No directions were provided in the box, so I just watched one of the many install videos on YouTube. Since install I have seen lower temps, so it justified the purchase.
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nice look and easy install 2 years ago
Danny O
to prevent heat soak the box will help a lot fits with an aftermarket carbon fiber air duct
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good looking engine bay 3 years ago
Danny O
give the wow loo in the bay and more heatshild for your intake to avoid the hot engine bay getting to easy to your "cold air in take "
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cobb intake box 3 years ago
Installed this on my 2010 WRX. I also installed reflect-a-gold tape on it as well. Fitment was pretty good. Prior to installing i noticed roughly a 30 deg difference from intake temp to outside temp while cruising. Now with the box installed and cruising down the highway, it is a less than 10 deg difference. Highly recommend this product.
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Easy install awesome sound 4 years ago
Took about 30 minutes to install and sounds like a BOV... not sure if I noticed a little seat in the pants go from this or the accessport
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great addition to the sf intake 4 years ago
Really keeps intake temps down it's a must have
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Very good Cobb 5 years ago
Excellent cobb tuning
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Fixs great, looks great, is great 5 years ago
If your going to buy the cobb intake this is a must
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Significant drop in intake temperatures 5 years ago
Someone on NASIOC posted a before and after with the COBB intake w/o air box than COBB intake w/air box. The intake temps dropped by about 30 degrees on average. I'm happy to say that I've found this to be true in my personal experience with my 2011 STI. Without the air box, on a 60 degree day, I was hitting peak intake temps of 150 degrees in traffic. With the air box installed and wrapped in DEI Gold heat repelling tape, on a 70 degree day my maximum intake temperature never gets past 120 degrees in heavy traffic and rarely over 100 degrees while cruising. With the heat of summer right around the corner, if you have the COBB intake or are thinking of getting it, do not hesitate to spend the extra money on this box to keep intake temps down. I assure you that it is worth it.
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Clean look, but really loud 5 years ago
Installation looks great, nice and neat with the airbox. However, be aware that this thing is loud, audible under anything but light throttle, and inside the cabin, loud whoosh as you run through the gears. Installed this along with cobb downpipe and protune, so I cannot comment on the intake's independent power increase.
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A must 5 years ago
Great product...I purchased it as a combo with the COBB SF Shortram intake. It definitely isolates the heat, plus it looks good in the engine bay.
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Finished Look 5 years ago
I'm all for anything that offers a clean finished look while still providing functionality using stock components. Utilizing the factory snorkel/duct is icing on the cake to keeping your temperature down. Great fitment and easy to install.
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Air Box Keeps it Clean Looking 5 years ago
Installed this to my STI and while driving to work, I realized why Subaru has that gallon of milk silencer installed on the stock STI: It sounds as if I have a Blow-Off Valve when I shift up! I should have taken a picture of the stock silencer but you will eventually see this after you purchase this from RallySport and install your own Cobb Intake with Air Box. I don't know how effective the Air Box is and I didn't even use the rubber strip that is included because I couldn't figure a way to install the straight strip around a square but I guess it keeps the inside somewhat stock looking. In all, I can feel a slight difference in performance and I'm hoping for more MPG but the sound is more raw, which reminds me why I bought this STI instead of a sound-deadened sedan or hatch; I expected the STI to be loud but after taking off that silencer, I got what I wanted. As others have reviewed, you can go easy with the throttle and you won't hear the BOV sound during up-shifts but no matter what, 3rd to 4th, you will hear what you wanted to hear. Thanks RS and others for reviewing. Buy this now!
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If you can afford your car u can afford to get the best for it!  5 years ago
The cover is definitly worth it espically if u live in a snowy area dont hesitate to buy this intake and the sound.... No need for blowoff valve lol buy now!
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Love it! 5 years ago
I thought the quality on this was rather nice. Fit perfect for me. Would definitely recommend!
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Stealth 5 years ago
Really cleans up nicely and looks really good over the intake. Box fits really good without too much resistance. Mine came with extra bolts and nuts. At first I was scared I installed it wrong but double checking, turned out I got extra hardware. Other than that, really satisfied with the box. Great product to go along with the intake. Buy both to save a little.
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Pretty decent quality 5 years ago
I work in a CNC precision sheet metal manufacturing shop, and so i was expected something subpar to my expectations. When the box arrived i immediately inspected the quality of the bends and the shape. I'm not going to sugar coat it but the box chassis is decent, not the best, but with a little flexing it fit where it was supposed to. I would love to see Cobb tighten up their tolerances a bit. With that out of the way, the box cover has a quality grain on it. Something you cant see in pictures. The anodized finish and silk screening are great too. Up to par on my line of work. They earned points there. The box does what its designed to do, and looks great. I want to give it 4 stars for the tolerance being so loose on the box, but i suspect its this way in order to fit well under the hoods of 08-2014 wrx's... Bottom line, it fits, looks nice, and functions. 5 stars
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awesome!  5 years ago
this box is so easy to install and looks sick!! so happy
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What else? 5 years ago
Cleans up your COBB intake nicely and is pretty simple to install. About 20 or so minutes to get in place and you're good to go. Love it, great product!
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Nice! 5 years ago
This is a fairly simple, and must have part to accompany the SF intake. I also plan on wrapping this in heat tape to help dissipate heat further away from the intake.
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Air Box 5 years ago
A must to accompany SF intake, very easy installation
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cobb box 5 years ago
looks and works best with the car. great product!
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Puch heat in the face! 5 years ago
Well if it had a face. It helps some plus looks good under the hood.
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Heat blockade 5 years ago
Using my Cobb AP i have been attacking engine bay heat. This is a must with Cobb SF.
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Box 5 years ago
Nice finish to the intake.
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Love it!!! 5 years ago
Really makes that part of the engine bay very discreet!!! Hides the blue filter well if you want to keep the red theme going
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COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Air Box (Part Number: )