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Prova Wide-View Door Mirrors Yellow

MODEL # PRV90500IT0010


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outstanding color and view 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

Rather than stick these to the OEM flat glass and see them pop off, I replaced the OEM glass entirely and used 3M VHB tape to adhere them. They look factory save for the Prova logo. One thing not mentioned is that these aren't just wide in the X-axis but also in the Y-axis. They curve the same amount in both directions but the effect is greater on the X-axis since there's more surface area left-to-right. While I already use proper mirror angles, these give an even greater view to the outside when merging. Periphery nearly crosses into the outer reach of these lenses and effectively kills your blind spot. My only complaint is with the logos. They're slightly distracting. We'll see if the effect lasts long term. Thankfully they're silk screened and could be removed with enough effort.
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super wide view and great color 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

The super wide view helps me see much more out the sides. The yellow tint helps cut the intensity of the headlights of people behind me. This combined with the Prova rear view mirror means no more blind spots, but I glance over anyway out of habit. Simple to install, just get some double sided tape from a hardware store, put it all over the back and stick on. I can't even tell that it's an overlay as it sits well over the stock mirror.
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