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Prova Blue Wide-View Door Mirrors ( Part Number:PRV 90131IT0011)

Prova Blue Wide-View Door Mirrors

Part #: PRV 90131IT0011



Brand: Prova
Adjustable: No
Color: Unpainted
Finish: Ready to Install
Install Mounting: Adhesive
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Lens Color: Blue
Location: Left and Right
Material: Glass
Mounts: To OEM Mirrors
Number Of Units: 2
OEM Replacement: Overlay

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

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The Prova Side Mirror covers offer a very different and rarely seen look to your vehicle. These mirrors are curved and offer a wider field of view. This can be extremely valuable during track sessions when you don't have time to move your head to check your blind spot. The blue coating is helpful for reducing glare while the yellow can help with night time vision. The mirrors install over the top of your factory mirrors using the supplied double stick tape.

A note of importance. Prova Mirrors are made for the JDM Subaru models which come with Convex mirrors from the factory. USDM Models do not come with Convex mirrors. The supplied pre-applied double sided tape may not be adequate to properly mount the mirrors to your vehicle. Extra double sided tape is recommended(and not included) to take up the gap in-between the Convex Prova mirror and the stock flat mirror. Failure to use proper mounting may result in the mirror becoming disconnected from the vehicle and could result in damage that is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Vehicles Equipped with heated mirrors:
Discoloration or peeling may happen if the factory mirror is removed and the Prova mirror is applied directly to the heated backing plate.


Verified Purchase

Brittle glass don't waste your money
gkates 5 years ago
I purchased this for my STI. I recived it and installed it. The drivers side mirror seemed to be installed correctly but when I shut my door the mirror fell off. So I ordered another set. When I installed the 2nd drivers side mirror I tested closing the door, seemed fine. I park my car in a garage, the next day I come out and the drivers side mirror is cracked. Glass is cheap and I will not be paying for a new pair just to replace the drivers side mirror for a 3rd time. Don't waste your money. FYI if anyone needs a passenger side mirror I will trade for drivers side.
Verified Purchase

Boost in class, glare reduction and increase in vision
Dimylame67955 5 years ago
I bought these mirrors thinking they would look good on my 2012 wrx. i was really suprised on how much more vision i have with them along with the center mirror. I only have vision in my right eye so i use my mirrors more than most. It is important to adjust them correctly and when you do [email protected]! They were a snap to install in less than 5 mins total. I think the hardest part was pealing the backing off of the tape on the additional adhesive i applied to the back of the mirrors. I recommend getting the center rearview mirror to go along with this kit!
Verified Purchase

A Bit Pricey, Some Ghosting Around the Stock Foam Tape
guest55c7739ecaae52f46092d7ee 5 years ago
I like the color, increased viewing angle and glare reduction at night. Extra foam tape is required for install but note to not build up too much on the passenger mirror as the stock lens has more concave than the driver side. One issue is that the mirrors tend to develop a noticeable outline of the foam tape on the back when viewed from the front. Not horrible but I would indeed cover the entire back in foam tape before the install to avoid this issue.
Verified Purchase

Waste of money
TJ1901 5 years ago
Way over priced for what you get. I don't know what these other reviews are talking about but your blind spot is still quite large. You absolutely still need to look over your shoulder while switching lanes. The blue does a great job cutting down glare while night driving. Save your money. I am very disappointed, definitely more of a $35.99 mod.
Verified Purchase

Now i can change lanes without leaning forward!
russmanwrxsti 5 years ago
These are worth every penny of their price! the drivers side mirror gives you about 120% more vision that the OEM mirror. I didnt think i would like the blue tint but tis amazing how well it cuts down glare. Fit and finish couldnt be better too. you have money well spent on your Subie if you get these!

  • Q: Heated side mirrors  D41C 7 years ago


    Do these work with the heated side mirror function?

    • A: These are an overlay so they would not have any sort of direct connection with the heated mirror itself.

      Sterling W. 7 years ago
  • Q: Removal  Jordanc15 7 years ago


    How well do these remove?? I would hate to have to buy another set of mirrors if I for whatever reason ended up taking these off.

    • A: If you use the two sided adhesive that comes with the mirrors ,removal is fairly easy and clean. That being said most guys run some sort of extra adhesive as extra security.

      guest561671092a8d25a1658c55d3 7 years ago