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Whiteline Front Inner Lower Control Arm Bushing



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PITA but worth it if doing ALT install 7 years ago
5out of 5stars

The OEM bushing is a real PITA to take out. I would just take the control arms out and get it pressed out at a shop. The install is really easy, and the best thing about it is future reinstallations are made even easier once you have this upgrade. The real difference for me was not in the bushing stiffness, because the original one is still aleardy. But rather it's the additional bushing material you add between the control arm and the more wiggle room for the control arm, and joint with an ALK upgrade is a no brainer, otherwise I wouldn't do it.
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PITA to install, no huge advantage 9 years ago
5out of 5stars

I did these because I was doing a subframe brace, front sway bar, and steering rack bushings. Overall, I can't say how much of a difference these made alone (since it was a mass-install), but the install is a PITA- they are hard to press out due to the shape of the LCA on some presses (mine), and the stock collar around them does not deform easily for removal like some other collars. The ultimate solution was to weld a small bead on the inside of the sleeve and bang it out that way. NOT an install your average bolt-on guy can handle! However, like all Whiteline bits, fitment was dead-on in my 2011 WRX. Enjoy, but be aware that these take a bit of doing to get on, and require torquing while the car is at curb height, which is tricky if you don't have a roll-on lift or grease pit handy! Mark W.
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Great product. 6 years ago
4out of 5stars

These bushings are a royal pain to remove. I would highly recommend a shop remove them for you as I almost ruined my arm trying to get it out. I don't really see a huge gain but mine were shot and why not replace it with quality bits from Whiteline. Install on 2005 Legacy GT.
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