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Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments



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Couldn't be happier  2 months ago
The picture doesn't do justice for these badges. They are gloss black with a slight pearl. The quality is far better than any Ebay special and better than stock. High price but worth every penny
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Independent person 1 year ago
Lighting Red
Loved the product but was a little bit difficult removing the old part.
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I like these things 2 years ago
Paul D
I put them on my PBP WRX. While not a lot of contrast with my paint I like how the black trim matches all the other black trim on my car. The old emblems came off quite easily but most of the glue stayed behind. Be patient while removing the glue and use some goo gone and you'll be alright. The new ones come with double sided tape on them so once you get all the old glue off it's just peel and stick. I pulled off the top of the side panel to help (like you would if you were installing mud flaps but only enough so the first couple plastic bolts popped out). Took about 30 minutes to install but about 28 of those minutes were removing the old glue.
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Nice touch 3 years ago
These are a nice touch for getting that look just right. they have a bit of metallic to them so they look really sharp on WRB. I have black wheels and they really help tie everything together. The stock silver ornaments just looked out of place. It would be easier to remove the fender vents and heat them up from the back. This may help the adhesive stick to the ornament instead of the vent piece. also when removing the adhesive do not rub too hard or the paint will start to fade.
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looks great 3 years ago
Looks great. i like the black on black. i own a black 2014 wrx. this was an easy install for me. i don't own a heat gun, so i used a blow dryer, some Goo Gone, dental floss to separate the old one from the car, a rag and some patience.
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Great part to style up the ride! 4 years ago
Easy to install. Looks great on my 2013 WRX metallic-ice. Breaks up the gray. Gives it that little added detail. Highly recommend!
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Fast shipping Easy install 4 years ago
Was shipped same day and at my door within 2 business days! install was a breeze! a little heat, goo gone and elbow grease and with in 15-20 min the new ones where on!
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Looks great! 4 years ago
Much better than the silver ones on my WRB 2013 WRX and very easy to install. Changes the overall look of the entire car.
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Legit 5 years ago
Always wanted to black out these ornaments on the car, but never did want to paint the original pieces so these are perfect. Thanks Rallysportdirect!
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Adds Style 5 years ago
It's an easy install and makes the car more personalized. It matches the mudflaps and rain guards adding more to the silver black accent theme of my car. When applying the new ornaments you have to scrape off the left over adhesive if you want to apply it on a clean surface. Overall, they add some style and detail. It's a small detail, but they're worth it if you want your car to be more distinguishable and individualized from all the other ice-metallic silver WRX's out there.
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What a touch! 2 years ago
I received these black ornaments as a gift. They add an excellent accent to any car and look great on my white WRX. These should come factory! Old ornaments came off with some plastic hand tools and the glue residue comes off easily with some elbow grease. The new ornaments attached with the 3m tape provided and haven't moved since I've put them on. Good buy if you have some extra cash laying around or if they're on sale since they're slightly highly priced in my opinion!
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Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )
Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )
Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )
Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )
Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )
Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )
Subaru OEM Black WRX Special Edition Ornaments (Part Number: )