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STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornaments




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Over a year I have had these on.
SubieDoo 7 months ago
No fading, stick right into place. Looks like it came with the car stock.
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JDM black
Samah Altajer 1 year ago
I would recommend any Subaru owners from 2008 to 2014 to buy this product, and will see after installation a nice change
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Nice badges...
justme142176680 2 years ago
We aren't big on bling for my wife's STI build, but this and matching trunk trim vinyl was what she wanted. They fit perfect, adhesive is awesome. NO TUNE REQUIRED! HA!

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artemmatviyenko88403 2 years ago
Defiantly one of the easiest and cleanest cosmetics you can possibly ask for. It's amazing how such small pieces can make your Subaru look so much meaner.

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Looks Great!
ChinookCE28093 3 years ago
I wasn't sure how they'd look on my DGM hatch, but they look great! The black on dark grey is different enough to be noticeable, and really changes the look of the car.

black Sti ornaments
brett523 3 years ago
The black Sti ornaments are a definite improvement over the OEM chrome ornaments imo. Pricey but they work!
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Great Fit, Awesome Look!
EKev122140380 3 years ago
Fit was perfect. Install was not very hard as long as you take your time. Well worth the money!

08 STI Install
Razor Sharp 3 years ago
Great product, super easy install. Took me about half an hour to do both. I used a heat gun to get things warm, pealed them off by hand, and then used a little heat and a screw driver to scrape off the adhesive. A little alcohol to clean things up, heat to warm both pieces, and they installed perfect.

fender badge
ARCE415 4 years ago
Awesome looking product. Fit like oem, and the adhesive is quality. Thx to rsd for the great service and delivery.

STi Badge
HISTi14 4 years ago
Great look compared to the stock. Only issue I had is, the price is a bit extreme. Otherwise, using a heating gun to remove the stock badge, it's an awesome look to my Pearl White 2014 STi. I'm a happy girl!

Great Look
ERIK210 4 years ago
I bought these for one of my first add on for my STI. I have a pearl white STI and the color scheme I am going for is black white and rally red. So this OEM fender badge is a perfect add to my car and it also just puts my car a little different from the rest out there. I love them easy to install.

Great product
Regan M 5 years ago
I didnt purchase from RSD however just wanted to add in that if you want this piece stop waiting and just buy it! They fit perfect and look great!

JDM Side Ornaments
DBakes0907920 5 years ago
As with all things I get from RSD, this came to my house quick and was an easy install. I will try to post a picture later for anyone wondering how it will look on an 2008-2014 ISM STI or WRX.

Such a great touch
jaevans 5 years ago
Added these on my alpine white hatch, and they look so good

Looks amazing!
IM9_UB6 5 years ago
Quick and easy install!!! Took maybe 15-20 minutes, to do so only because I didn't use a heat gun to warm up the adhesive. Love em to death!

Easy Installation!
silliguy526 6 years ago
Came in the mail yesterday and put it on this morning! It was a quick install. Makes my Satin White Pearl STI look more aggressive. Awesome!

mm10871 6 years ago
Great product, easy install and awesome customer service.

mcammilleri875082 6 years ago
A bit pricey but definetly worth it! Looks way better than the silver!

So simple...
KarlSTi'd 6 years ago
I put these on my black STi and am really satisfied with the quality, the ease of install and the way it ties the car together. Really cleans up the exterior and adds a bit of stealth...

Jacob N 6 years ago
I love the look in the SWP getting rid of the silver pieces. Such a little piece that adds so much in my opinion. Now all i need is to figure out something for the chrome under the windows.

Perfect Touch
Acedias 6 years ago
This is a simple touch that Subaru should have made an option over here in the USA. I do like the metal look of the original badges but they stuck out too much. Especially if you replace the wheels with something a different color then it doesn't match with anything else on the outside of the car. these are one of my favorite mods so far. Thanks Rally Sport Direct.

Sweet Stealth look
mhosey5509342 6 years ago
I recently installed these badges on my '11 OBP STI. I was a bit skeptical at first because I sort of liked the way the stock badges contrast the fender, but these look great. It is an awesome stealth look. Install is easy, just heat up the stock badges and pull. Be careful not to let the badge get too hot because it will start to melt and deform.

Looks Great!
Janzel92 6 years ago
Looks and fits awesome for my 2011 WRB wrx.
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Beautiful look, good fitment... Super tedious install.
Bradbru 2 years ago
The glossy black looks great on any color, especially if you compare it to the OEM chrome. Although, the fitment is a little strange. Pops out just a little bit more than OEM so it adds contour to the body but it still looks good. Install takes forever because you need to delicately (cannot stress this part enough) heat gun the existing gum behind the OEM ones and that took me about 1.5 hours to finish. I then had to use a bunch of Goo-Gone just to get the residual gum off but it eventually worked. Need to order a new right side one because I put my heat gun slightly too long on the frame and it melted part of the body. not happy about that.
Verified Purchase

Looks Great!
RallyBlueSTI 2 years ago
The install was super easy and took about 15-20 minutes with only and heat gun and a plastic scraper. Only thing is that I wish these were only like $15-$20 instead of being $80. But other than that these JDM side ornaments really make any STI look meaner.