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Cusco Short Antenna Black

MODEL # CUS 00B 809 BB


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Cusco Short Antenna Black ( Part Number: 00B 809 BB)
Cusco Short Antenna Black ( Part Number: 00B 809 BB)
Cusco Short Antenna Black ( Part Number: 00B 809 BB)
2011 WRX then EVO X GSR with S&S package 3 years ago
Bought this for my 2011 WRX and worked out great for me for about 4.5 years. I just trade in the vehicle and kept the antena. i was going to sell it but the wife said put it on the EVO. It fits!!!! and still works great!!!!
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Works good 5 years ago
Looks much better than the giant oem antenna on my sti hatch. Haven't noticed a different in reception quality, but I also don't use my radio much
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Love it!!!  6 years ago
Shipped quick and easy! Installation was painless and self-explanatory. Reception was not lost one bit and really did not realize just how long the original antenna was... RSD is just amazing with everything I've purchased from them. Wll be ordering again soon!
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Quick, easy, good quality 6 years ago
Signal was not deteriorated. Install took less than 3 minutes. Much better look.
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Perfect 6 years ago
Nice fit. Radio reception is 100% and makes it look so much more neat. Nice package too.
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Looks sweet! 6 years ago
It cleans up the exterior of the car. A clean and simple mod. Reception is unchanged. Get it and enjoy
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Looks Great!  6 years ago
fast and easy to put on!
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Satisfied.. 7 years ago
Very happy with the product it does what it says. No loss of fm reception and what really matter looks great on my wrx and different from others. 8)
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Much better 7 years ago
Looks much better than the huge antenna on the 08 STI. No change in reception quality for regular FM or HD.
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Love it! 7 years ago
I put this antenna on my Mazda3 Hatch and it works great. I have noticed no loss of radio reception, but I do live in a larger metropolitan area. It is for sure a welcome change from the big goofy antenna my car originally came with.
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Nice, until it breaks. 3 years ago
This antenna is fine, until it breaks. This has been on my car for 3 years. Overtime the plastic near the base cracked and started coming apart. Yes, I take my car through the car wash in the winter, but I'm not aware of any antennas that are made to not be able to withstand car washes - its normal expected environment that it needs to be able to handle. Maybe Cusco made a poor selection of plastic material that deteriorated over time with UV exposure? An OEM antenna would not do this, and I expected an aftermarket, low profile antenna like this to be even more resilient. Unfortunately, there is no warranty on this product. I called both Cusco and Rallysportdirect and they couldn't do anything for me. I guess I'll try the Perrin shorty now, but won't be buying it from here. See the picture below of what happens over time with this antenna.
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Doesn't work on our Mazda3 sedan 6 years ago
I picked this up for my girlfriends 2008 Mazda3 sedan, the antenna looks nice but it doesn't work nearly as good as the stock antenna. She has lost all but a few channels that come in sometimes but not always. I would not recommend it for use with Mazda3s
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Cusco Short Antenna Black (Part Number: )
Cusco Short Antenna Black (Part Number: )
Cusco Short Antenna Black (Part Number: )