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RallySport Direct 2015 WRX Black T-Shirt - Universal
RallySport Direct 2015 WRX Black T-Shirt - Universal

RallySport Direct 2015 WRX Black T-Shirt



Universal part
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Today was a big day for Henry. His daughter was graduating from Cornell Universty today with a bachelor's in liberal arts. Henry was a supervisor at a local manufacturing plant, where he raised his daughter alone as the mother was unfit to do the job. Henry worked hard being the father and the mother while maintaining a decent life for his child. He knew that she had a fine eye for detail as she was a master in design, and was about to embark on an internship for a fashion firm that specializes in the latest fashion trends.

Regardless Henry was immensely proud of his daughter and the walls of his office were covered with her accomplishments from when she was in pre-school, and trophies from math competitions and spelling bee's had taken up all of the real estate on his shelves. Henry was very happy on the path that his daughter had taken when compared to other classmates that were raised in the same town.

The only conflicting decision Henry had to make at this point was what to get his daughter for a graduating present. Between the house, college, and life, there wasn't a whole lot of room to get her a fancy watch, a new car, or send her on some extravagant vacation to Europe. So he had to come up with a plan. In the evenings when Henry had time off from work, he quietly researched all of the possibilities on the internet if what he could get his daughter. He also often thought of his daughter and tried to map out what she was into, what music she liked, and what were the things that she just loved. It got to a point to where he reached out for help on social media and Henry asked for ideas, but the suggestions came from other family members and older relatives that gave him fairweather ideas that didn't register well in his mind. 

The graduation ceremony was in two days, and at this point, the pressure was on. With mild anxiety, Henry wanted to get his daughter a gift that would help her get across the bridge to adulthood. It was nearing midnight and Henry sat at his desk defeated on what to get his daughter. He rested his face in the palms of his hands and closed his eyes. When he came to, he noticed something on the corner of his web browser. And as he removed his hands from his face he noticed that this was a web advertisement for RallySport Direct. And they were featuring the RallySport Direct 2015 WRX T-Shirt. The shirt had Henry's attention for some reason. After all, it was just a picture of a Subaru WRX with a RallySport Direct logo. But it was more than that for some reason. The car on this shirt gave Henry the intention that it was driving on the road to a great future. And that's when it clicked. Henry was going to get his daughter this shirt for her graduation. Henry quickly called RallySport Direct and got the shirt on next day air.

On graduation day, Henry got the shirt in the mail and wrapped it in a box that he had laying on. He put on a dress shirt, combed the crumbs and debris he had resting in his beard, and off to graduation he went. Like all the other parents, Henry sat in the crowd with his cell phone held high as he filmed his daughter walking across the stage to get her degree. They had a moment together as she looked at her dad who was a little older, a little haggard, but more importantly the reason she was such an accomplished woman now. 

Henry handed her the box and told her that it was a right of passage into adulthood and that it would inspire her to do great things. He helped her open the box and unwrap the shirt. She held the shirt open and gazed at it with tears of happiness. 

She said, "white is my favorite color for a car!"

She is so happy now. 


Brand: RallySport Direct
Age Group: Adult
Color: Black
Gender: Unisex
Size: Option
Style: Short Sleeve
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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