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RallySport Direct Boost Addict T-Shirt - Universal
RallySport Direct Boost Addict T-Shirt - Universal

RallySport Direct Boost Addict T-Shirt



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Universal part
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The local Comic Fan Con Extravaganza was quickly approaching as Charles was overwhelmed with anxiety trying to set himself apart from the thousands expected in attendance. For the last few years, there would be an abundance of the latest trending characters who would show up by the hundreds with the same character outfit. Last year when Charles attended he was dressed as one of the Winter Knights, and another patron who attended happened to wear the same outfit. 

Soon, there were about 15 of these Winter Knight dudes in a circle all hissing at each other like a gang of cats that discovered a ball of catnip. Who was going to be the dominant cat in this battle? The surrounding crowd made room for the Winter Knights as they collectively challenged themselves to a larping dual. Each Knight was armed with a plastic shield along with styrofoam battle axes. When the battle had begun, Charles quickly took a styrofoam slash across his abdomen as he fell to the ground in a dramatized seizure that lasted about 4 and a half minutes. As a matter of fact, the rest of the fallen White Nights squiggled on the ground like a fish fry.

As Charles came back this sobering flashback, he had a mission. His mission was to be the only character at the next Comic Fan Con Extravaganza. Charles began designing 3 options. The first option is Deadjaquzzi. Deadjaquzzi s a crime fighter that seeks revenge on the evil chemists who perform mutant experiments on Deadjaquzzi. The next character is Aluminum Man. Aluminum Man is a billionaire philanthropist that has an annoying girlfriend that names her children after fruits and mountains and has a side company called ploop. The third character is The Incredible Bulk. Charles often bought his groceries at Costco, and somehow thought this idea would simulate his lifestyle.

Still, none of these characters felt right or natural to Charles. The window for the event was getting even narrower. What to do...

Charles took a mental break and went to the garage to escape the chaos, but to enter a previous lifestyle. In the garage was Charles' 05 Subaru STI. There it sat in its glory slammed on a set of coil overs, wide wheels, and a huge rear spoiler. You see, there was one time where Charles was a regular track participant where at one time, racing was cool. Nowadays, the scene has turned into asuh dude, mumble rap, and instead of taking their time, it seemed like the scene wants everything microwaved or instant.

However, this moment had led Charles to his ultimate character. Charles lit up with an epiphany and realized that he was going to the next Comic Fan Con Extravaganza as PETER HARD PARKER!

Charles had to come up with a costume like yesterday. He rushed to his computer and as he unlocked his screen he realized that RallySport Direct was still pulled up because he had ordered some amazing parts the night before. It was like fate. Why do you ask? Because the RallySport Direct Boost Addict T-Shirt was featured, and Charles felt like this one, simple, yet amazing shirt was the answer to his problems. Charles quickly dialed 1-888-45-RALLY and had this shirt overnighted to his basement. He pulled the shirt right out of the package and threw it on, and off to Comic Fan Con Extravaganza he went!

There, Charles was bombarded with questions from many of the characters of the event goers. This year, Charles was the only Peter Hard Parker at the event, and he wasn't even challenged to a larping dual.

The end. 


Brand: RallySport Direct
Age Group: Adult
Color: Black
Gender: Unisex
Size: Option
Style: Short Sleeve
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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