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RallySport Direct I Love Boost Spray Paint T-Shirt - Universal
RallySport Direct I Love Boost Spray Paint T-Shirt - Universal

RallySport Direct I Love Boost Spray Paint T-Shirt



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Universal part
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Soul searching can take a man through a journey that involves self-reflecting while being open-minded and absorbing the flood of knowledge that life will bring. In this moment of tranquility, you must absorb all of the good with all of the bad so you can move closer to an epiphany, a conclusion, closure. 

Dakota opened his eyes as he finished his morning yoga session. He was a young man who was going through a quarter life crisis. Dakota was loved by everyone because of his charm, his genuine interest in your well-being, but most of all, people embraced Dakota for who he was because they knew he came from a town that lacked diversity. You see in Dakota's town, there was one store that has been selling the same brands and the same style for the last 10 years. The operator of the store knew that people would continue to buy the same clothes, so why try to market anything else? 

But naturally, Dakota was much more sophisticated. His interests often pulled him away from weekend parties that had the same people with the same music and same stories. He could smell his girlfriend coming from a mile away with that jersey perfume as she wore that stupid Ted Nugent cowboy hat every day. He could never express his deep thoughts with her because all she could talk about was about how much of a rock star she was. She lacked substance and value and knew that ten years from now, that she would be wearing the same hat, trying to teach all the teenage kids what all the hashtag yolo was about. 

Soon, Dakota realized that he was alone. On weekends, he got in his lifted truck and drove to the mountains where he would stare at the night sky where billions upon trillions of stars, galaxies, and possibilities were within his grasp. Yet, he couldn't get away from the staunch, and he knew he had to do something about it. 

The locals were starting to notice a change in Dakota. He was starting to dress differently. People noticed that he was no longer sporting a bro-fro, and people noticed his appreciation for fine leather blazers and dress shoes. In fact, the elders that lived in Dakota's neighborhood often called him the new gentleman of his generation. 

On a warm Sunday afternoon, you could often find Dakota sitting on the tailgate of his truck reading books that included the likes of The Catcher in the Rye, or the Great Gatsby. And on this afternoon, Dakota was deep into the final chapters of Pale Fire, where he was interrupted by this jingling noise making the way up the road. As the jingling got louder, he noticed it was his girlfriend and the jingling was the combination of her earrings, belly ring, tongue ring, all the bells on her rockstar cowboy hat, and all the micro chandeliers hanging from the pockets of her jeans.

"Hey warr've you been? We need rides to the hoedown tonight that yuue haven't been tuue in the last three weeks" she said.

"I'm reading this pretty amazing book by Vladimir Nabokov you should really check it out!" Dakota replied. 

"Who?... Wayyy'll lookie on down here, I'm only interested in that Yakamir Schmirnoff okay so fire that truck up and let's git already!" She said.

Dakota gave her one deep stare as he looked through her as he gave one last look at his hometown. Dakota didn't realize, that subconsciously he had already packed his belongings in his truck. And everything made sense now, and Dakota smiled as his soul filled with a warmth he had never felt before. 

"Sorry bae, the world is calling for me."

Dakota put on his newly acquired RallySport Direct I Love Boost Spray Paint T-Shirt and got in his truck. It was at that moment Dakotas presence was saying goodbye to this town, and to this time warp. Dakotas now ex-girlfriend was starting to understand. As Dakota drove off he took one last glance at his rear view mirror. And realized he had left his book behind. She picked it up and took off her cowboy hat. Dakota looked at her through the rearview mirror and have her one last nod. A nod that meant that if you get this RallySport Direct I Love Boost Spray Paint T-Shirt, that you can also re-discover yourself.

Dakota is so happy now. 


Brand: RallySport Direct
Age Group: Adult
Color: Black
Gender: Unisex
Size: Option
Style: Short Sleeve
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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