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RallySport Direct Logo T-Shirt - Universal
RallySport Direct Logo T-Shirt - Universal
RallySport Direct Logo T-Shirt - Universal

RallySport Direct Logo T-Shirt



Universal part
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Taylor and his wife were expecting their first child together as they were preparing to enter a new dimension in life that is parenting. They have been preparing from the beginning with advice from friends, books, counseling, and they even took classes on what to expect as parents because after all, it can be a bearing responsibility and they wanted to do things right from the start.

Taylor always took a moment throughout his busy schedule to envision a path for his child that would provide strength and dignity before a cruel world that lies ahead. Like any parent, they want the best for their children and wanted to provide them with the right influence to survive. Taylor and his wife were always one with nature, and often went on desolate camping trips to get away from cell phones, social media, and corporate responsibilities. It was their way of recharging their souls if you will, and it grounded them and reminded them that it was important to go out and play. 

However, friends and family members were often worried because they would travel to places beyond cell phone reception, areas that were hundreds of miles away from any sight of civilization. And they often traveled throughout the year. They also traveled in Taylor's Van, which was on its last leg which also was very concerning to other people since his wife was over 9 months pregnant. 

The weekend was fast approaching and it was a brisk Friday Evening when Taylor and his wife thought it would be a good idea to drive to the peak of their local mountain, in the middle of a blizzard. With the wind nearly blowing their van over several times, Taylor and his wife made it to the peak of the mountain which was 14,000 feet above sea level. The wind started blowing the snow in. As night was settling in, Taylor and his wife stayed in their van, and watched as the snow levels were getting above the door and about level with the windshield.

Taylor's wife started wincing in pain. Taylor turned around to see what was wrong. She replied, "I think I'm going into labor". Taylor who was prepared for this moment stayed collective and calm, and put on a pair of Ammex Latex Gloves and got into position.  Outside of the snow covered van you could hear muffled screaming noises, mostly from Taylor, but the baby was on the way. Soon after, Taylor and his wife welcomed their baby son. Taylor immediately tried starting his van to generate heat, but since it was diesel, the fuel turned into gel because of the cold, and they were stranded. The baby was shaking and screaming. Taylor was also shaking and screaming. 

It was in that moment, when Taylor's wife grabbed the first object out of their bag, which happened to be the RallySport Direct Logo T-Shirt. They wrapped the baby in the shirt and not only was it a blanket of calmness to the baby, but it also provided comfort for Taylor and his wife.

It was a miracle baby.

They are so happy.




Brand: RallySport Direct
Age Group: Adult
Color: Black
Gender: Unisex
Size: Option
Style: Short Sleeve
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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