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RallySport Direct Limited Edition Whiteline 24oz. Water Bottle - Universal
RallySport Direct Limited Edition Whiteline 24oz. Water Bottle - Universal
RallySport Direct Limited Edition Whiteline 24oz. Water Bottle - Universal

RallySport Direct Limited Edition Whiteline 24oz. Water Bottle


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As Halloween was approaching, Jeffrey found himself to be in his upper 30's neck deep in the corporate world. Halloween was always a festive event and often reminded him of the fun and innocent times of his youth, to his somewhat promiscuous times during his college days. As time moved on, naturally, Jeffrey settled down with a wife, a mortgage, and all of the life's expenses and chores such as the cable bill, making sure all the garbage was out before bulk pickup and often getting nagged at about the sprinklers getting serviced before winter. 

Every time Jeffrey went into the bathroom he would take a moment and stare into the mirror as he could still see the younger man through the grey scruff appearing in his facial hair, and the bags swelling under his eyes from waking up every morning at 5 am. He often questioned himself as to why at his age, was he stuck in this grey area. At 37, he was always on the fence. On one side, he could see his 40's getting closer, but on the other side, he misses being care-free and in his 20's. Free of responsibility, free of neighbors getting mad at you because his trees were invading their personal space and need to get trimmed, and free of taking medication to treat cardiovascular disease. 

And as Jeffrey slipped into a trance at the office cubicle at work, he was taken back to Halloween 2009. Jeffrey had just acquired one of the first built Mitsubishi Evo 10 models to hit the streets. The car was perfect. Finished in Rally Red with black aftermarket wheels, built engine, turbo kit, it had all the ingredients to make a car enthusiast satisfied. And one day, Jeffrey was pumping gas at a local gas station where he was met by a pretty girl who had questions about his car. Stumbling over his words, Jeffrey answered all of her questions accordingly, and she knew that he was too timid to take the hint, so she invited Jeffrey to a Halloween party the next weekend. 

As Saturday approached, Jeffrey went to work at his office and sort of spaced off his encounter. Until he got a text later on in the afternoon. "You still coming? Please bring a costume!" Excited, Jeffrey had about 30 minutes to put something together because this house where this party was taking place was about an hour away. Jeffrey rushed home and put on about 7 polo shirts on top of one another, and then he popped all the collars. It was 2009 after all. 

When he arrived at the house he was met by the owner of this home. He was this Owen Wilson looking dude who was blonde and was wearing a fur robe and looked like a Hollister reject. Not only did Jeffrey not know anyone at this party, but he also didn't realize that this dude was the boyfriend of this girl. Jeffrey was early at this party and noticed that all of this dude's friends went to the gym daily, had spiky hair with all the gel, and were amping themselves up to fight anyone randomly. On a side note, since these dudes were from 'Happy Valley', they had a soda funnel and guzzled coke and lemonade and acted hardcore doing so. As Jeffrey stood awkwardly on the corner of the house, the bro dudes tried getting him to chug two cans of sprite. Jeffrey replied, "please don't make me be lame". 

The girl saved Jeffrey from the dudes as they got their party on. The girl decided to give Jeffrey a tour of the house. As they made their way up the tall flight of stairs, they ended up in the owner's bedroom. Jeffrey knew what she was up to, and didn't want anything to do with it. He said he was saving himself for marriage, and that he wasn't that kind of girl. As she proceeded in pursuit, her boyfriend walks in. There he stood, with his fur robe, and the vein was sticking out of his forehead in pure rage. 

The boyfriend yelled "Oh you dead" and lunged towards Jeffrey. Jeffrey was able to dodge him as he rolled over the bed and ran for the stairs. He put his leg over the railing and slid butt-first all the way down at the same time, burning himself from the friction. As Jeffrey got to the bottom he slammed straight into the rail end and crushed his livelihood. As Jeffrey struggled for air, he realized that everyone at this point was chasing him. Jeff quickly staggered back to his Evo and noticed that there were many cars behind him on the driveway. He had no choice but to drive on the grass. He hurries and fires up the car as people were throwing their plastic red cups at the car. Jeffrey puts it into first, floors it, and does an AWD burnout on the grass. Next thing you know he is shooting a MASSIVE dirt rooster tail on everyone behind him, and eventually made it onto the street. 

Halloween 2009 will never be forgotten.

If you had exhausted yourself by reading this story, make sure you grab the RallySport Direct Limited Edition Water Bottle to quench your thirst. They are pretty nifty.

The End. 


Brand: RallySport Direct
QTY: 1
Type: Waterbottle
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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  • Q: Its all about that base  Liberty3 years ago

    what is the base made out of? is it glass? Is there anything about this bottle that could get someone in trouble with the Honor Code?

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