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GrimmSpeed Polo Red - Universal

GrimmSpeed Polo Red


GrimmSpeed Polo Red - Universal

Universal part
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Gretna was a very tall and pale man who had just relocated into the inner city shortly after his divorce. 

He was in the throes of the aftermath in his newly acquired but empty apartment. The smell of new paint covered the remnants of the last tenants and the carpet was still damp from the cleaning company from the day before. Gretna sat on his air mattress in silence making a mental note of his new schedule at work as he has a few moments before he had to depart. 

Gretna filled his thermos with coffee and made his way towards work. His job was about three and a half miles away. His vehicle is a perpetual project of repairs, upgrades, and theme changes. The car usually changed when the scene kids found different things to be impressed by. One year it was really wide wheels with narrow stretched tires. Then the next year was a challenge to see who can drive with the most windshield decals that obstruct the view of the driver. 

Anyhow while in the midst of a project, Gretna was reluctant to walk to work due to the reputation his city had for multiple gang clashes. Gretna was not affiliated with any gang and just wanted life to be peaceful and harmonious. As Gretna walked up the street, he was wearing his ear pods per usual, listening to Van Halen (pre-Hagar) to drown out the noise. All of a sudden, something hit the back of Gretna's head as he fell to the sidewalk. 

And before he could process what was going on, he didn't know he was on the turf of Satan's Helpers. 

"Anybody tell you that this is the private turf of the Satan's Helpers?" Replied the leader of the gang.

"Nobody hit me to that dude" Said Gretna. 

"It's off limits!" Said the leader.

"Oh. Well! My mistake haha! Guess i'll be on my way then hehehe. Scuse me. Excuse me haha! Excuse me...Scuuze me..." Said Gretna. 

The motorcycle gang chased Gretna across the street where he ran as fast as he could but when he turned the corner, he ran into the leader's motorcycle where he knocked it down, causing the rest of the motorcycles to fall over. The noise got the attention of the bikers as they hustled around to see what was going on. Gretna started crying immediately as the Satan's Helpers grabbed him and took him inside to a nearby bar. 

"I barely touched them!" Explained Gretna. 

But the Helpers had other plans.

"I say we kill him (yeah)".

"I say we hang him then we kill him (yeah)".

"I say we scalp him (yeah)". "Then we tattoo him (yeah)". "Then we hang him (yeah)" "And then we kill him (yeah)".

Gretna replied in a quiet voice "I say we let him go" "NOOOOO".

A lady whistled from the back and grabbed Gretna by the shirt and said: "Let me have him first!"

Gretna replied, "Wait....don't I get a last request?" "Why not" replied the leader.

Gretna then went to the bartender and asked him if he could borrow his shirt. But it wasn't just any shirt. It was the GrimmSpeed Red Polo Shirt. 

Gretna rushed over to the jukebox and chose The Tequila Song. As the music started Gretna jumped atop of the bar and started doing a very bizarre dance. The dance confused the helpers at first, but then Gretna started breaking beer glasses and this brought joy upon the Helpers. 

When the song was over, the Helpers very pleased with Gretna's performance, that they decided to make Gretna one of their own, and gave him one of their motorcycles to take to work so he didn't have to walk again. 

But since Gretna didn't know how to ride a motorcycle, he crashed it through a roadside billboard. 

Other than the crash, he is so happy now.





Brand: GrimmSpeed
Age Group: Adult
Color: Red
Gender: Unisex
Size: Option
Style: Short Sleeve
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:



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